Your child will love exploring with this amazing digital microscope

The day of using a microscope in a science class is always fun for children, but it’s even better when the date of using the microscope can take place daily — especially since these days, science classes are taking place at home.

Your Kids Will Love Exploring With This Cool Digital Microscope
Your Kids Will Love Exploring With This Cool Digital Microscope

There’s a great plug-inABLE USB Microscope that you can buy on Amazon, giving your kids the opportunity to explore whatever they want, whenever they want, at super close range. They can see leaves, sand, candy, toys, technology, hair or anything that can fit in the lens.

The microscope is compatible with Mac computers running version 10.4.2 or later, Windows and Linux. Just plug a digital USB microscope into any monitor that uses standard webcam software, and your kids will be able to view any item on a larger screen with a resolution of 2.0 Megapixels and an magnification of up to 250x.

The Plugable Microscope is available for $35 on Amazon.

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