Yes Your Grace Endings Guide

There are several different endings available in Yes, Your Grace.


There are two different endings for Ivo. You can either:

  1. Decide to behead Ivo after he loses the Siege.
  2. Decide to imprison Ivo after he loses the Siege.

King Beyran

Beyran’s endings, like Ivo, depend on whether:

  1. You decided to spare Beyran, on week 40.
  2. You decided to kill Beyran, on week 40.

Princess Asalia

Asalia’s ending depends on who she ends up spending the rest of her life with:

  1. You decided to marry Asalia to King Varid in exchange for his army.

If you didn’t:

  1. You decided to let Asalia live the rest of her life with Maya, on week 47.
  2. You decided not to let Asalia live the rest of her life with Maya, on week 47. However, she ran away.

Princess Cedani

Cedani’s ending depends on whether she lives or dies at game end. This is related to letting her keep her Bear or not.

  1. You decided to get rid of Cedani’s Bear either on weeks 41 or 48, or you refuse to send the Hunter on her defense at the Siege. She will die by game end.
  2. You decided to let Cedani keep the Bear both on weeks 41 & 48, or you send the Hunter on her defense at the Siege. She will live by game end.


This depends on whether you decide to blame someone of Talys’ assasination after the Royal Investigation or not, given that evidence wasn’t sufficient for a fair sentence:

  1. You chose to make any other Lord responsible, and Audry will live.
  2. You refused to blame anyone, and Audry will sacrifice himself for your sake.

Queen Aurelea

Aurelea carries several different endings.

In the first place, it has to do with whether she lives or dies by game end, and secondly, in relation to the results of the ritual:

  • Aurelea lives after the war.
  • Aurelea dies after the war.
  • The ritual failed, and you don’t get a heir.
  • The ritual was done correctly, and you secure a male heir.

King Eryk

His endings depend on: whether the kingdom is thriving at game end and whether you secure an heir.

  • Davern thrives under your rule, and you manage to get a heir.
  • Despite your efforts, you get no heir and no-one takes over the throne after you die.
  • This ending seems to be revolved around finishing the game with low gold reserves and/or contentment.
  • You tried your luck at the ritual, but complications forced you to stop mid-way. You had a daughter.
  • You refused to perform the ritual and have a baby daughter.

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