This is to help out the new players having trouble with these two quests.

I see there is minimum help out for these Quests and people act to High and Mighty when it comes to answering new players that don’t know what they are doing.

Other X4: Foundations Guides:

Also for the Guides that do exist they are to long and complicated, so I will try to make it as simple and easy for you as possible!

So here goes.

Scientific Expedition

1st: You need to go around any station with your ship in [Scan Mode], make sure you are close enough.

You will be looking for a distress signal, you will hear some [Buzzing] noises when close to a signal and you will need to look for and find something that looks like a [Red Ball] that is discharging energy.

2nd: You will need to [Dock] your ship to the designated location, normally same station. Once you have docked [Get up] and head out of your [Ship] you will need to find the [Interface Unit] which will be on the floor. It should be near the Teleportation platform.

3rd: [Undock] and head to [Scientific Area].

Once in the area activate your [Long Range Scan Mode], press and hold [R] button for 2 [Seconds] before releasing, a blue wave will discharge from your ship looking for the [Anomaly]. (Default key on keyboard is R).

If you are wearing headphones or have a stereo set up you should be able to hear a [Charging] sound, hold the button to long and the [Charging] will [Brake], if the [Charge] [Brakes] you need to do it again so make sure you release the button before the [Break].

4th: [Fly] to the [Anomaly].

(Optional) You can drop a [Nav Beacon] near the [Anomaly] to mark it’s location.

If you do the (Optional) part once you are done gain some distance from the [Anomaly] about 1km.

Once you are in a good distance away from the [Anomaly] activate [Travel Mode] and head into the [Anomaly].

It’s the only way to go through it, otherwise if you try to fly through it without a lot of speed your ship will slow down and eventually [STOP]. You don’t want that.

Scientific Expedition: Completed!

Now [Automatically] starts the next [Quest]

The Experiment

1st: You need to [Deploy] a [Satellite] in the designated location.

2nd: You need to [Deploy] a [Resource Probe] in the designated location.

3rd: You need to [Buy] (3) three [Antimatter Cells] with a [Ship] you do NOT want.

Make sure this ship has no [Upgrades] and no [Crew] on it, it should be only [YOU] on that ship.

Make sure you have a [Second ship] fully equipped and ready to fight in case of danger.

Important: Save your game before doing next part!

4th: Take the [Ship] with the [Antimatter Cells] to the designated location and make sure the [Second Ship] is also near by.

Once the ship with the [Antimatter Cells] is in the designated location [Abandon] the ship in your spacesuit and enter the [Second ship].

Once you are in the [Second ship] move away from the ship with the [Antimatter Cells].

A new [Observation Location] should be available for you, head to the [Observation Location] to activate the [Antimatter Ship] self destruct sequence.

Be careful. Pirates can and will attack your [Antimatter Cells] ship if you don’t go into the [Observation Location] fast, not to worry the ship will not self destruct but you will have to protect it.

If you are in the [Observation Location] pirates may try to attack you. So be on the lookout.

5th: [Fly] to the designated locations around the [Unknown Station].

The Experiment: Completed!


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