The Fall of the House of Reardon Walkthrough

Start Location: This quest can be acquired via a notice posted on the Lindenvale Notice board.

After acquiring the notice on the Lindenvale board, you should head over and speak to the crying NPC nearby by the name of Dolores. Ask her about the monsters in her home.

Following the chat, make your way over to the manor to the east.

Note: Depending on the choices you made earlier in Vizima to the question “Did you kill Letho, or let him live?” whilst being interviewed, this side-quest will play out in entirely different ways.

Here are the two scenarios that can unfold:

  • Option 1 – Letho is Dead
  • Option 2 – Letho is Alive

Option 1 – Letho is Dead

If Letho is dead, when you arrive at the manor, you’ll find it overrun by Wraiths. Kill any in the open and head into each of the buildings to find and clear them all out.

Once they are all dead, you are able to mosey on over to Dolores in Lindenvale to complete the side-quest.

Option 2 – Letho is Alive

If Letho is alive, when you arrive at the manor, a large yellow search area will appear on the mini-map and you’ll want to switch on your Witcher Senses as you explore it. This is because there will be traps everywhere (trip wires and bear traps especially) and you’ll want to avoid or disarm them.

Enter the barn on the south side of the estate. Inside, you will want to be careful as there is once again traps scattered everywhere. Your goal is the ladder we can inspect on the floor by the back wall opposite the entrance.

Climbing this will trigger a scene and also kick off another side-quest ‘Ghosts of the Past’ which will run concurrently to this one. During the conversation here, agree to help Letho.

Following the scene, you’ll be out in the courtyard below. There are a good 8-10 bounty hunters here looking to kill our buddy. Fortunately he is pretty sturdy, so let him take aggro if you need to restore health for a moment. With Letho at your side, you should have no trouble dispatching them.

Note: You can return to Lindenvale and hand in ‘The Fall of the House of Reardon’ at any time after the first fight with Letho. I would suggest however that you complete the ‘Ghosts of the Past’ quest first.

When you are ready to end the quest, we can mosey on over to Dolores in Lindenvale to complete the side-quest.


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