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Witcher 3 Spooked Mare Quest Guide

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Witcher 3 Spooked Mare Quest Guide

From a peasant in front of a building along the road to the north of the Crossroads fast travel point directly east of the bridge linking the two islands of Oxenfurt.

Once you have spoken with the peasant to begin the quest, activate your Witcher Senses to see horse tracks along the road leading south. Follow these a short distance and continue after them when they veer off the road to the left.

Keep tracking the horse across the river and up into the hills and as you go you’ll be ambushed by a pack of Wolves. There are 5-6 of them, so be sure to keep your dodges and rolls at the ready if they manage to surround you.

Continue to follow the tracks until you reach a small camp. A scene will play. During the ensuing conversation you’ll have a few options:

  • Bribe them with 100 Crowns – They will let you take the horse. This option will also net you 10XP.
  • Use AXII (Level 2) – They will let you take the horse. This option will also net you 40XP.
  • “If you want me to” – This will start a fight in which you will have to kill them all.

No matter the option you choose to go with, you’ll be able to take a horse. The grey/whitey coloured one is the peasants, but you can approach and ride any of the horses in the enclosure here back to the peasant for a reward.

Note: For completing the quest you’ll earn 50 Crowns.

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