Witcher 3 Coast of Wrecks Quest Guide

Start Location: On the small island in the bay to the west of the town of Ursten.

This hidden treasure hunt can be started on the closest of the three islands in the bay to the west of the town of Ursten, in the greater Novigrad region and south of the city of Novigrad. The island and the water surrounding it is teeming with level 12-14 Drowners so make sure you are ready for a fight on your way over!

On the western side of the island you’ll find a treasure chest in the hull of a wrecked ship. Loot this for the Note – Letter and some other goodies.

Read the Letter in the Key Items section of the inventory. This will update our objectives.

With our new objective, we’ll need to dive underwater and explore the search area in a bid to find four sunken treasure chests. Fortunately, with Witcher Senses active you should have no real trouble finding all of these relatively quickly. They can be found in the following locations:

  • In the water just below the initial chest with the Letter.
  • On the seabed just to the west of the first chest.
  • On the shore of the island to the south of the initial chest with the Letter.
  • Near the wrecks on the western shore of the island with the third chest.

After finding and looting all four chests, the side-quest will be complete.


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