Witcher 3 A Towerful of Mice

This quest is acquired automatically upon completing the side-quest ‘An Invitation from Keira Metz’.

After leaving Keira’s you’ll need to make it to the quest marker. This is located on Fyke Isle, the island located smack bang in the middle of the largest lake in southern Velen. If you have not ventured there before, you can reach this island by using a sailing boat.

Once you arrive on the island, you should be forewarned that there are a lot of monsters here – specifically Rotfiends, Drowners and Ghouls. Our ultimate goal is to reach the large circular settlement area that can be spotted on the easternmost side of the island, its main gate is located on the south side of the perimeter wall. Make your way through the trees and swampy area until you arrive at the keep’s gates.

Near the gates you are liable to be attacked by a group of 4-6 Ghouls, there is a Water hag in the watery area just inside the keep’s walls. Kill them all off and then make sure you have your Magic Lamp equipped. In this area we have an optional objective of using this key item to find ghosts in and around the tower.

There are a couple of Ghosts we can find outside of the tower itself. They can be found in the following locations:

  • Amongst the trees just to the east of the gate leading to the keep.
  • Behind the main keep building, directly opposite the gate.

Now we’ll need to head inside the tower itself and discover what has happened. Enter the tower via the door at the top of the stairs opposite the gate. Once inside, activate Witcher Sense and explore. You’ll be able to inspect the following:

  • Axes and Knives on the floor.
  • Dead rats on the floor.
  • Blood stain beside the fireplace.

In this room, you’ll also be able to shine your Magic Lamp on a ghost. There is also a door leading down to the basement which contains a pair of chests we can loot and another Ghost that can be observed here.

Return to the first floor and climb to the second. As soon as you reach the second floor, you’ll be able to spot another Ghost in front of the fireplace as you enter.

Climb to the third floor and exit the door ahead to reach a viewing platform – there is a chest here with a bunch of goodies for you! Inside, check out the pair of bedrooms here. The right hand room has a ghost we can observe with the Magic Lamp whilst the left has a chest (that held a Diagram: Bremervoord Blade in my game).

Take the stairs to the next level, loot the chest in the corner and then proceed up the next flight of steps to the fifth floor. When you arrive, your objectives will be updated. Activate Witcher Sense and you’ll be able to inspect the following:

  • Scrapes on the floor by the wall on the left at the top of the stairs.
  • Handprint on the wall by a lever to the left of the bed.
  • Handprint on the wall by a lever to the right of the bed.

Pull the left hand lever in order to open a secret door. Enter and follow the passage into the hidden laboratory.

There is a Ghost in here, but loot the laboratory before you check it out – there is a chest near the door we came in and another up the stairs at the back on a viewing platform loot these for some good stuff (Manuscript Page: Enhanced Moon Dust and Manuscript Page: Elementa Oil).

Whilst we are here, you can also use our Witcher Senses to explore the laboratory if you wish. You can inspect the following:

  • The Bodies in vats around the room.
  • Potion vial on the floor near where the ghost was located.
  • Document – Mage Alexander’s Log 1 on the table to the left of where the Ghost was.
  • Document – Mage Alexander’s Log 2 on the bookshelf just inside the entrance door.

When ready, activate the Magic Lamp and approach and speak with the Ghost here. During the conversation you’ll be able to do one of two things:

  1. Option 1 – Help Annabelle
  2. Option 2 – Don’t help Annabelle

Option 1 – Help Annabelle

After a short scene, your objectives will be updated and you’ll receive the quest item Annabelle’s Remains.

We’ll need to take these to an NPC named Graham.Graham lives in Oreton which is located on the shore of the lake to the north of Fyke isle. Make your way to his house and speak with the man banging on his door. Once he has departed, interact with the door for a conversation.

Hand over the bones during your conversation and then leave once the conversation has completed. Following the conversation, return to Keira’s hut and tell her the good news. The quest will be completed.

Now that we are done here, head down to the next quest: ‘A Favour for a Friend’.

Option 2 – Don’t help Annabelle

This option can be undertaken by either choosing the “I don’t trust you” conversation option or by telling here you need to look around and then attempting to exit the keep without talking to her again.

Attempting to leave the keep from the first floor will have her appear and attack you. She’ll also cause the rats in the area to become hostile. Kill them and take a swipe at her as well and after a short fight she’ll run away through the door.

Here, in the water surrounding the keep you’ll have to fight a boss: a Pesta.

Boss: Pesta

The Pesta is quite similar to a Wraith, but with a lot more health. She can perform some very swift swipe attacks and some regular style melee attacks, both of which will also poison Geralt when they hit. She will summon a swarm of insects that will follow Geralt around and cause damage over time.

The most effective way to defeat the Pesta is to plant a YRDEN sign trap and lure her through it – this will reveal a physical form that takes a lot more damage than the ghostly version. It is best to use your swords on the physical form, get a hit or two in and then back off to avoid her attacks. Additionally, you can use IGNI for a little ranged damage.

Once the Pesta has taken enough damage it will disappear and following a brief communiqué with Keira, your objectives will be updated – we need to find an NPC named graham and bring him to the island.

Graham lives in Oreton which is located on the shore of the lake to the north of Fyke isle. Make oyur way to his house and speak with the man banging on his door. Once he has departed, interact with the door for a conversation. Convince Graham to go to Fyke Isle.

Once you are back on the Island, escort graham to the keep and head inside. You’ll need to kill a pair of wraiths on the first floor, but it should be smooth sailing from there in until you reach the laboratory where Annabelle is located.

Following the scene, return to Keira’s hut and tell her the good news. The quest will be completed.


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