whispers of a machine analytical walkthrough

Whispers of a Machine: Analytical Walkthrough

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This is a video walkthrough for Whispers of a Machine Analytical path. This guide relies heavily on videos so text part is not as descriptive as in normal written walkthrough.

Video #1

Answer Gabriel analytically. Use Smart Scan on the body. Use Karl’s Bio scan on the lockers to find out which one is hes locker. Search Karl’s body. Look at the picture you got from the body. Check old soda fountain and use muscle boost on it. Go to dormitory and use Karl’s bio scan on the air ducts. Use old coin on the air ducts. Go back to locker room and use muscle boost on the Karl’s locker. Check coats pocket and after that note. Use smart scan on the boots. Talk with worker about everything. Put on the biometric analyzer and show worker picture of Karl and woman to catch anomaly. Answer worker analytically. Talk with Gabriel and leave. Go outside and talk with worker outside answer her analytically. Talk with policeman who says you should go to police station. Head to town square and enter police station. Answer Stina Rooth analytically. Go to your quarters and check filing cabinet to get bottle of molding resin. Go back to lobby.

Video #2

Answer Andersson analytically. Talk with Andersson about everything and show him note to learn about files. Go to clinic and to the morgue. Answer DR. Persson analytically and talk about everything with him. Use smart scan on the Maja Strands corpse and after that use blade shape scan to confirm that she was killed with same murder weapon. Take scalpel and go to canteen. Go to balcony and talk with Rolf about everything. When you talk with Rolf about saffron answer him analytically. Go to mimir road and take some clay from the ground. use scan and select boot prints which will show you where to go. Answer janitor analytically.

Video #3

Talk with janitor about everything and show him bloody picture. Try to enter room 113 and talk about it again with janitor about door being locked. Use master key on the door of the room 113 and try to leave from building. Give janitor back he’s key (This will give you point in assertive. I did not figure out how to get door open with analytical if you found out how please comment and I will correct it in this text). Go to police station and talk with Gabriel about everything. Go see Andersson and talk with him about everything that’s left to talk. Use drawers in the room and match tenant 113 with name. Go to morgue and talk with dr. Persson about everything when you get to ask Maja’s murder use scalpel on Karl when Persson is turned around. Go to Maja’s apartment on top floor of the museum. Use Maja’s BIO scan around the room until you find concentration of her fingerprints. Open panel and use key on the safe. Read conduit conduct book and after that check bookmark. Go to apartment 113 in mimir road and use keypad. Correct code is 531 after you put that in use Karl’s finger on the pad. Go inside and use Karl’s BIO scan on the room. Check out the note on the table. Use console and password is melinda. check status of the chamber and after that open it. Check chamber and after that try to turn valve. Use strength boost on the valve and after that use biometric analyzer on the chamber. Turn valve until heart rate is relaxed and leave apartment.

Video #4

Talk with Stina and answer her analytically. Leave from your room and answer Andersson analytically when he asks about finger. Talk with worker about everything you can. Check inside organic processor via door on it’s side. Use smart scan on everything there. Use enhanced vision on the dark spot and go back. Use Lennart’s DNA scan on everything in the room. Power the smelter and use control panel. Use Blade shape scan on the metal pile and take knife (murder weapon). Check out the instructions to the organic processor and after that use scalpel on the cables. Power up organic processor and use it’s control panel. Check inside organic processor and look at the remains to get key from it. Go out, talk with artist about mural and answer him analytically when he asks your opinion about it. Go east and after that go south. Go inside the robot shop and talk with Valter about everything. Go out to shopping district.

Video #5

Go to police station and talk with Gabriel about everything. Go to Andersson’s office and talk with him about everything. go to school and check pictures on the wall. Use bloody picture on the pictures on the wall to check similarities. Go to museum and click on the buttons on this order: regeneration pod, star map, military robot and 4 times globe (There is hints in the conduit book section pilgrim’s prayer). Go inside hidden room and check with Maja’s BIO scan everything. Take cassette tapes and use them on the audio station. Go to Valter’s robot shop, talk with Valter and show him Melinda’s (Katarina’s) photo. Go to junk heap and use enhanced vision on the children with map. Talk with Theo and Alicia (children) about everything.

Video #6

Go to the junk heap and open fridge. Check the pneumatic arm and electric fence. Use enhanced vision on the darkness to see sign near the cable. Go to robot shop and talk with Valter about electric fence. Go to museum and talk with Lisa about electronic fence. Go back to junk heap and use key on the door. Take power off and assign cables like in the video and turn power back on. Go to secret passageway and use muscle boost on the fence. Try to open door and shoot Katarina with your gun. Answer Katarina as analytically as you can. Talk about everything with Katarina and show her bloody photo. When she asks if she can have it tell her it’s against protocol. Go to apartment 113 and check chamber status. Go to museums secret room and take empty nutrient canister. Go to Maja’s place on top of the museum and fill the nutrient canister with machine. Go to room 113 and use full nutrient canister with receptacle. Leave and talk with Stina and answer her analytically (I messed it up a bit but we are so far in the analytical side it shouldn’t matter)

Video #7

Go outside of you quarters and talk with Gabriel and Andersson about everything that’s left to talk with them. Go to morgue and look at the skin pieces and assemble them as they are in the video. Talk with dr. Persson about everything and leave to church of EPOS. Use invisibility and go inside the door. Check out the pictures on the wall and use tattoo picture on the third logo. Go inside door on the right and check the lockers. Use key on the lockers and read the note. Use faucet, use invisibility and leave from the room. Try to push filing cabinet and after that try to push it after using muscle boost. Push the cabinet only when there is noise coming from the other room. Try to leave library and when Vilgot catches you talk with him about everything. Leave from the library.

Video #8

Go to recycling center and look at the books. Look at the book in your inventory. Go to canteen and talk with worker show him the book you got from recycling center and after that talk with him about everything. Go to mimir road and talk with Rolf about everything. Open package in your inventory and read the note. Go to museums secret room and use cassette tape in the audio station. Filter noise out and amplify volume like in the video. Go to shopping district and click on the wind chimes. Check the bench and after that click on the tape recorder in your inventory. Go to museums secret room and use cassette on audio station. Go to cabin in the junk heap. Take all damp sticks from the ground and click on the picture frame in your inventory. Use glass shards on the tree branches. Use cassette tape on the branches. Take dry stick from the ground. Use damp twigs on the ground and after that use book on them. Use dry stick on the camp fire you just build.

Video #9

Go to path back upstream. Use glass shard on yourself and right after that use regeneration on yourself. Go to morgue and take syringe. Go to apartment 113 and interact with artificial womb. Combine syringe and vial of blue and use it on yourself. Go to clinic and in there to doorway behind counter. Use invisibility and plug out the cord. Use enhanced vision on darkness. Take cannula from bluebox and use it on the IV bag. Use cannula on yourself and after that use regeneration. Go to morgue, talk with dr. Persson and take implant from ash collector. Go to Anderron’s office and check address for Stina Rooth in the address records. Go to shopping district and go to Stina’s apartment. Use smart scan on the vials and take tapes from the table. Use tapes on the tape recorder. Use smart scan on the liquid on the ground and you will get stain chemistry. Leave and use stain chemistry scan on the ground and follow it until you are at the museum. Use muscle boost on the stuck door. Use button on the hover car to blind Stina and right after that use gun on Stina. Take implant from Stina’s corpse and use them to device. Listen to logs and decide whether to activate fenrir or huldra. Decide whether to keep the baby or find someone to take care of him.

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