What women need to prepare before getting pregnant.


       Motherhood is both a process of physical preparation and a mother’s health. Taking good care of yourself with a scientific diet, regular visits to the doctor… are things that women need to do before pregnancy so that the mother can have a healthy baby for the future.

Pregnancy and childbirth is a long journey. Experts often advise women before becoming pregnant to learn and prepare for themselves a careful birth plan. In order to ensure the best health of both mother and baby, women need to know a few things to be in the most ready state of mind when welcoming the birth of their beloved child.

* Pre-pregnancy health check.

Before becoming pregnant, women need to clearly determine their current health status to know if they are capable of conceiving or not. A prenatal check-up will find out factors that can affect pregnancy. When we find these factors, we can increase our chances of having a healthy pregnancy and ensure a healthier baby.

Obstetricians will be the ones to guide women with the necessary knowledge to make the pregnancy process go smoothly. In addition, regular health checkups are not only good for those before pregnancy but also good for women to carefully monitor the health of the reproductive tract, preventing dangerous diseases for the body early.

* Build a healthy diet.

Diet is always a decisive factor in the health of each person’s body, including those who want to get pregnant. Women before pregnancy should consciously build a healthy diet to get enough nutrients for their body. Eating a variety of foods, supplementing with vitamins and minerals, protein and fiber is essential during this period.

You also have to stay away from everyday hobbies such as drinking milk tea, eating a lot of fried and processed foods because these foods when eaten in large quantities will harm the body. Having a healthy, energetic body is one of the keys to an easy and safe pregnancy.

* Weight control.

Why does weight affect pregnancy? Because if you are unlucky, being overweight will make your body more complicated during pregnancy and later delivery. Obesity makes pregnant women more susceptible to high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia, premature birth, and gestational diabetes. Not only that, being overweight makes the baby more susceptible to birth defects. The mother’s body accumulates a lot of fat, which also makes it difficult for doctors to examine and diagnose the health phenomena of the fetus.

On the contrary, if the pregnant mother is underweight, her body is weak and lacks nutrients, the health of the fetus and mother will be very weak. This makes pregnant women more susceptible to diseases affecting both mother and baby, and even worse, pregnancy loss. Therefore, it is necessary to control a woman’s weight before pregnancy in a stable state. BMI is the best measure for women to know what their body weight is in order to adjust it in time.

* Maintain a scientific lifestyle.

Once pregnancy is confirmed, it is imperative that you maintain a scientific lifestyle to ensure both mental and physical well-being. Give up stimulants such as alcohol, beer, tobacco, exercise to maintain health, flexibility and full of energy. Besides that, you need to reduce the pressure from work and life around to keep the mood positive.

Stress is always a problem that is harmful to human psychological health, pregnant women who want to conceive quickly as well as have a good pregnancy must maintain a relaxed and balanced mood. Some subjects such as meditation or yoga are very suitable for women to study, these sports are the perfect choice to relax the body and soul. Especially today’s modern women, always busy with work, at this time to have the best preparation for pregnancy and childbirth, you should actively arrange work to have more time. More time for yourself as well as for newborn care plans in the near future.

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