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What to do when the skin is allergic to cosmetics.


      Every day we come into contact with many different types of cosmetics such as: cleanser, makeup remover, rose water, sunscreen, anti-wrinkle, day cream, night cream, lipstick, blush… Factors that can cause skin irritation and allergies.

After using cosmetics, if you are allergic, you will see one or more of the following symptoms: Burning pain in the skin area just used cosmetics, itching in waves within 10 minutes, often acquired when using cosmetics products on the face. Then, on the skin and body, there will be manifestations such as:

Pimples: This is the most common condition that cosmetic allergies bring. The reason for this phenomenon is because the use of some cosmetics increases sebum secretion, sealing the pores, creating an opportunity for bacteria to nest to develop into acne.

Atopic dermatitis: This sign is recognized if your skin appears red patches on the skin, accompanied by pimples, acne and very uncomfortable blisters. This situation proves that the allergy phenomenon is quite serious. If you do not detect and treat it in time, it can cause skin infections that affect health.

Urticaria: This phenomenon can also appear if your skin is allergic to cosmetics, it makes your skin swollen, red and accompanied by very uncomfortable itching.

Skin aging: The abuse of cosmetics for a long time can cause allergies that make your skin dry, flaky, easy to catch the sun, causing melasma and especially making your skin wrinkled. Brown spots appear more and more.

There are cases where fingernails and toenails are peeling, changing color, and painful due to nail polish products, nail washes. Dry, brittle hair, easily broken, stiff due to hair dye products, curling … In addition, there are effects on other parts of the body, sometimes leaving long-term sequelae.

* Tips to save life when the skin is allergic to cosmetics.

When encountering a cosmetic allergy, the first thing you need to do is stop using cosmetics and wash your face with water to remove harmful substances on the skin and prevent damage to the skin. may happen. Allergies will gradually decrease and disappear when you stop using cosmetics. During this time, you should supplement your body with vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of water, etc. and limit foods that contain a lot of sugar and stimulants. Especially avoid exposing your skin to the sun, do not touch your face with your hands, do not use any other skin care products.

However, if the allergy continues to get worse, you should see a dermatologist for specific medication indications. During the treatment period, should strictly follow the doctor’s prescription to use the medicine to help the skin heal quickly.

* Prevention of cosmetic allergies .

The general rule is to avoid overusing cosmetics, use only when absolutely necessary. Before using any cosmetic, you need to learn carefully about the ingredients, origin, expiry date, etc. It is necessary to test the reaction before using the cosmetic, especially the new cosmetics used for the first time. Do not apply cosmetics directly to the face, try it on the palm of your hand to see if there is a reaction or not. Inner arm skin test method: apply cosmetics to the skin on the inner arm for 24-48 hours. If you don’t see an allergy, that means you can use that cosmetic. Cosmetics should only be used when your skin is in a healthy condition, without other infections to limit the possible side effects.

Do not buy and use cosmetics of poor quality, of unknown origin. Never reuse a cosmetic that once caused an allergic reaction. Choose to buy cosmetics that are used to, have clear origin, reliable quality.

To use cosmetics safely, follow these basic rules: Wash your hands and face before applying makeup – this is the most basic allergy prevention. Absolutely do not wear eye makeup when you have eye pain, or unusual itching in the eyes… During use, you must store and keep it clean carefully, avoid sunlight and high temperatures. Do not share cosmetics with others. In particular, for people with allergies such as asthma, urticaria, eczema, atopic dermatitis… the body and skin are very sensitive to allergens (allergic agents) should limit their use. cosmetic use.

Cosmetics only beautify the outside. In order to have beauty at the root, people who want to have a healthy and beautiful skin need to exercise, keep their hair clean, drink enough water, eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, foods rich in vitamins C and E…

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