What to do if bitten by an ant?


       Big swollen ant bites are one of the situations that occur quite commonly in many people. It not only causes discomfort, itching for the victims. More dangerous, if bitten by poisonous ants, it can also be dangerous to health, especially for children. So what to do when bitten by ants? The following article will help you answer this problem, let’s find out right away!

* Why does an ant bite become swollen and painful?

Not everyone knows that ant bites are different from its stings. Ants often sting people by using stingers at the end of their bodies to sting the skin. Ant venom often contains a part of stimulant toxins along with formic acid. Most of the victims were bitten by ants at the same time, but rarely more than once.

An ant bite or sting is usually quite mild, it only causes pain or sometimes severe pain, but the condition will also calm down and go away. The skin around the ant bite will also have blistering and swelling. Depending on the location and allergy history of each person will have different reactions to ant stings. The most dangerous is when the victim is sensitized, there are life-threatening allergies if bitten by too poisonous ants. Some dangerous symptoms of being bitten or stung by poisonous ants:

– Urticaria, itching, pus, swelling in other areas of the skin
in addition to the area of ​​the ant bite such as the lips, eyes, around the face.

– Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.

– There is a feeling of shortness of breath, chest swelling, sudden restlessness, dizziness.

– Sudden rapid drop in blood pressure, fainting or coma.

* Ant bite swelling what to do?

The first thing you need to do when being bitten by an ant to avoid being bitten again in other areas of the skin is to stay away from the area with ants immediately. Then shake off the ants on the body, to be safe, you can change into another clothes so that the ants are no longer on the body. Next, you can apply the treatment when the ant bite is swollen as follows:

– First, it is necessary to wash the ant bite with soapy water, clean the skin of the ant bite to remove dirt to prevent infection.

– Next, apply cool compresses to the damaged skin to reduce and soothe the feeling of swelling and itching, making the skin bitten by ants numb.

– You can use pure olive oil to rub on the skin that is bitten by ants. About 5-7 minutes, the swollen area will be flattened, softer skin.

* Some issues to note when being bitten or stung by ants.

To avoid harming your skin as well as health, when being bitten or stung by ants, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

T- In case if the ant bite is swollen and festering, you absolutely must not break the blister due to the ant bite. If blisters appear, the victim should not make socks with them because it is very easy to cause damage and infection to the skin.

– In case if the wound is unfortunately broken, you need to wash that skin area with soapy water, monitor for symptoms of infection such as oozing pus, then go to a medical facility immediately to be staffed here. treatment.

– If you see the blisters change color, swell and cause burning pain, you should immediately go to a medical facility for timely treatment.

* How to prevent ants effectively.

Ants often crawl into the house and often follow in small groups or in large numbers, they even make nests in your house.
Therefore, the best way to prevent ants from developing, and to prevent and limit the swelling of ants, you can apply one of the following ways:

– You can use anti-ant powders to apply on the ant’s movement, at the base of the barn… For example, if you want to go through point B, you need to go through point A, you can use chalk at point A like a leg. cages and places to make bridges for ants to crawl in. This type of anti-ant powder is sold quite popularly, you can find and buy it easily.

– You can use insect spray in outside areas, around the house about once every 2 months. At the same time, spray the medicine on the bottom of household items. It is advisable to choose a spray containing pyrethrin because it is quite effective against ants.

– To thoroughly prevent ants from crawling into the kitchen, you can sprinkle a little borax powder, also known as borax, or sprinkle boric acid powder on places where ants are walking or where ants crawl. It is necessary to find the ant nesting area to destroy them with insecticides.

Above are some shares to help you answer the question of what to do with a big swollen ant bite. Hopefully, it will help you get more useful information and wish you an effective and fast treatment of the wound caused by an ant bite.

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