What keeps you energized throughout the day.


       You often wake up with a sluggish mood, tired body, this makes it difficult for you to start the day with the ability to study and work effectively.

Drinking a lot of coffee, energy drinks or buying supplements for more energy doesn’t always work when you want to stay awake throughout the day. You should be as energetic as possible in the most natural way you can. There are many healthy ways to keep yourself stimulated when you’re feeling tired. You can make the smallest changes in your daily routine that can make the biggest difference in your life.

* Take a nap during lunch break.

For some people, naps are very helpful in improving performance, increasing alertness. A 20 – 30 minute nap at noon can help recharge you and if you really want to be precise and set a proper timer, then a 26 minute nap is ideal for getting the most out of it.

However, don’t nap too much as it can reduce your sleep duration at night, resulting in less energy throughout the day.

* Set limits for caffeine consumption.

While caffeine is known to give you more energy, it’s important to limit the amount you consume throughout the day as it can make you feel less energetic towards the end of the day. You may feel like you’re dependent on caffeine to stay active and it’s never a good idea to depend on something.

In addition, caffeine can increase stress and make you feel anxious. The optimal amount of caffeine you should have is 400 milligrams.

* Use aromatherapy.

There is a treatment for stress and fatigue called aromatherapy “Using natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being”. This therapy uses the scent of oils to make the body, mind and spirit more at ease. Our minds inhale odors in dramatic ways. Breathing in lemon essential oil can help us fight burnout and depression, while menthol improves focus and alertness.


Mix 2 drops of lemon essential oil into your shampoo or conditioner before showering.
Mix 2 drops of menthol into a spray bottle filled with water, then spray on your shoes or gym bag before a workout.
A little scent to start the day is a great idea for an energetic day.

* Exercising outdoors.

Exercising outdoors instead of indoors improves energy, reduces stress levels, and increases alertness. Exercising outdoors also has a beneficial effect on your emotions, like increasing enthusiasm and reducing anger. In addition to these benefits, you can also get some vitamin D from the sun during the summer months, which boost mood-boosting endorphins.

While there are many benefits to exercising outdoors, there are a few things to watch out for like the level of air pollution in your area. Make sure you know the level of pollution as this can cause conditions like asthma and allergies. However, don’t assume that running on a treadmill is bad – it really keeps you in control and motivates you when you can’t exercise outdoors.

* Eat more protein.

Eating protein boosts your energy levels and plays an important role in transporting oxygen throughout the body into the bloodstream. It’s best to avoid sweets and starches when you’re craving something because while they may satisfy you in the moment, you may feel the craving again soon after.

Instead, try to snack on foods with protein and fat like vegetables and salads, Greek yogurt with fruit or peanut butter and crackers to boost your energy levels.

* Keep enough water .

Drink 8 glasses of water a day to stay energized as your mind is strongly influenced by your hydration status. Even minimal water loss can impair your brain functions. Dehydration can impair mood, memory and concentration, and increase headaches and fatigue.

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