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What do mothers eat to increase immunity for babies?


     The baby’s resistance is an issue that many parents are concerned about because it determines the ability to resist external agents that affect the baby’s health. To increase the baby’s resistance, mothers can supplement nutrients for the baby’s body through a variety of foods.

If you want your baby to be born with good resistance, you should try to increase your own resistance right from the time you are pregnant with your baby. So what do you eat to increase your child’s resistance? There are many methods to help pregnant mothers increase their resistance, Long Chau pharmacy would like to offer a few methods for pregnant women to do.

* Add more foods containing iron.

For the baby’s immune system, iron plays an equally important role as zinc and vitamin C. When the body lacks iron, it will lead to anemia and cause a decrease in resistance, respiratory infections, stunted baby. Not only that, anemia also reduces the ability to think and brain development retardation. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement iron for the baby while in the womb through iron supplementation for the mother for absorption.

Children from 4 months to 3 years old need about 1mg of iron/1kg of body weight. For premature babies, it needs more, about 2mg / 1kg of body weight per day.

Especially during pregnancy, mothers are at a very high risk of anemia. Iron will produce blood, so mothers must supplement iron regularly. It not only helps the mother’s body not be anemic, but also helps the mother increase her resistance so that when the baby is born, she can also enjoy the infection.

Mothers, in addition to taking iron tablets, should supplement iron according to their daily diet. Foods such as red meat or green vegetables and legumes, etc. contain a lot of iron.

* Supplement foods containing vitamin A.

Vitamin A is a nutrient that plays an important role for children, it helps to increase resistance to bacterial infections, measles, cancer prevention,… Vitamin A supplementation during pregnancy will help your baby at birth reduce birth defects, have healthy eyes and a good immune system against foreign pathogens.

Fruits such as carrots, almonds, potatoes, gac, … have quite a large amount of vitamin A, so mothers can eat those foods to supplement.

* Supplement foods containing vitamin C to increase resistance.

Vitamin C is one of the vitamins that plays an important role in the body’s resistance. It is not natural that adults and children who need to strengthen their resistance and improve immunity are prescribed vitamin C supplements. Vitamin C participates in a number of enzyme systems, metabolism, lipid and protein synthesis. , immune function, resistance to infection, participation in preserving the integrity of blood vessels and cellular respiration.

Therefore, to increase the resistance of the child while in the womb, vitamin C will be essential. Vitamin C will help pregnant women increase resistance so that the baby after birth will have a healthy body and a good resistance. Besides, it also helps mothers and babies reduce the risk of common illnesses such as colds and coughs.

Getting vitamin C through the diet is quite simple. Mothers buy fruits such as oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, or bell peppers, guava, etc. to add more vitamin C content to the mother’s body.

* Foods containing high levels of zinc.

Mothers should not ignore the addition of zinc because zinc also plays an important role during pregnancy. Zinc is a trace element, an important component in the human body. Zinc plays a role in strengthening the immune system and growth in children. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement zinc for children with zinc-rich foods.

For children, it is necessary to exclusively breastfeed for the first 6 months of life because breast milk is easier to absorb than cow’s milk, the mother needs to eat more zinc-rich foods to get enough zinc for both mother and baby. It will help mothers limit minor illnesses such as colds, coughs, fevers, etc. to affect their children, so that their babies will be born healthier and have better resistance. Besides, it also helps prevent foreign pathogens from entering the mother’s body to harm the baby. Mothers can eat beef, beans, or chicken, peas, etc. to provide more zinc for the body.

* Drink milk for pregnant women.

Besides supplementing with zinc, iron, vitamins, … the addition of milk is extremely important. Because the milk for pregnant women has a variety of nutrients for the mother and baby to be healthy and have a good resistance, a healthy immune system to avoid minor diseases, …

Moreover, drinking a glass of hot milk before going to bed will help the mother sleep more deeply, thereby also bringing positive effects to the baby when the mother has a good night’s sleep.

* Nutritional loading of vitamin D for children to increase resistance.

Vitamin D belongs to the fat-soluble group and has special connections to the immune, digestive, circulatory and nervous systems. The main source of vitamin D is synthesized by the skin through the catalysis of UV-B radiation (80-90%) and diet (about 10-20%).

Vitamin D also helps the body “fight” bacteria. That is also why vitamin D deficiency will directly affect immunity and increase susceptibility to infections, especially respiratory infections.

Therefore, to provide enough vitamin D every day, mothers can provide through meals rich in foods containing vitamin D such as egg yolks, seafood …

* Add foods rich in omega 3 .

Omega 3 is mentioned by many experts as a great food to increase resistance for children thanks to the effect of enhancing brain development. Omega 3 is a precursor to DHA, which makes up about 25% of the brain’s fat. In addition, Omega3 also enhances perfect functions in the body, reduces the risk of cardiovascular and joint diseases, etc., which is very good for pregnant mothers and children.

To supplement omega 3, mothers can supplement through foods containing omega 3. A food that contains many of these nutrients can be mentioned as walnuts. This fruit has a lot of fat, oil and energy that is very good for health, but if eaten too much in a day, it will have the opposite effect, causing excess in children.

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