Warning signs you have eaten too much salt.


      When you eat too much salt, your body not only reacts quickly with thirst, but also shows through some of the following signs.

According to some reports, Vietnamese people are currently eating nearly 10g of salt/day/person, double the amount of salt recommended by WHO. If too much salt is consumed, in the long run it will cause some adverse health effects. Let’s see what your body says when you eat too much salt.

* Swollen feet.

If your feet are suddenly swollen in the morning, you are most likely eating too much salt. This condition occurs when an excess of salt in the body leads to water retention, causing the legs to swell.

* Thirsty .

The sodium in salt helps balance fluids in the body. But if you eat too much salt, it means your body needs more fluids to get rid of the excess sodium. This is why when you eat salty foods, you often feel more thirsty than usual.

* Change in urine .

When you eat a lot of salt, the kidneys have to work harder to remove sodium from the body. This causes you to urinate more than usual with clear urine. But if you eat a lot of salt without making sure to add enough water to eliminate sodium, your urine will be thick and dark yellow.

* Bone pain.

As mentioned above, when eating a lot of salt, the kidneys have to work harder. If the kidneys cannot excrete all the sodium, it will reduce the amount of calcium in the body. Calcium deficiency is the main cause of osteoporosis, weak bones and affects oral health.

* Muscle cramps.

We cannot deny that sodium has a certain role in the body. We should keep sodium and potassium in the right range because they affect muscle contraction. However, if too much salt is consumed, this process will be affected, causing cramps or muscle pain.

* Persistent headache.

As the amount of sodium in the body increases, the volume of blood will also increase to take up more space in the blood vessels. At this time, blood vessels are forced to dilate, causing high blood pressure. This is what causes severe headaches. It is for this reason that people with high blood pressure are often advised to reduce salt intake.

* Cognitive decline.

The increased blood pressure caused by eating too much salt also affects the blood vessels leading to the brain. This will affect your ability to think, focus. For a long time, the habit of eating junk food will make you lose memory, fatigue, slow reaction even though you are still not old.

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