How to copy individual tracks from the TF2 campaign missions and add them to your free play mode.

Adding Campaign Music Tracks to Free Play

The TF2 campaign has some pretty good original music. It’s unfortunate that you only get to hear some of these tracks during a particular mission and then never hear them again. However, there is a relatively easy way to add campaign music tracks into the free play playlist.

Campaign music is stored here:

X:\…\Steam\steamapps\common\Transport Fever 2\mods\urbangames_campaign_mission_01_1\res\audio\music

The above path is for the Mission 1 songs. Each mission has its own folder.

The free play music is stored here:

X:\…\Steam\steamapps\common\Transport Fever 2\res\audio\music

If you find a piece of music you like from the campaign, simply copy and paste the .OGG file from its campaign folder into the free play music folder. No need to overwrite existing tracks.

The same method can also be used to add your favorite mainstream music to the game, as long as you convert it to .OGG format first.

This has been a public service announcement.


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