There are several ways to relieve stress.


       Faced with life pressures, prolonged stress, we will be very prone to stress. Prolonged stress without early improvement will lead to many disturbances in activities and affect quality of life. So how to relieve stress, reduce stress well?

The pace of modern life makes us always busy and pressured, with little time to rest and relax. Therefore, people’s spiritual life becomes dry and more prone to negativity than before. The rate of patients with stress and depression has also increased in recent years. So how to relieve life pressure, reduce stress effectively? Here are some more positive mental health measures that you can refer to.

* Concept of nervous tension.

According to experts, nervous tension is a response of the body to mental instability. When you are under high pressure, your brain will be “sensitive” to recognize and immediately produce Exciting Hormones for the muscles to work, increase your heart rate and make your breathing faster. Rapid breathing is one of the body’s anti-stress responses. In the case of positive stress, it will help us focus more, handle all situations well.

However, if stress lasts for a long time with a regular frequency, it will greatly affect the health and nervous system. The patient will experience health problems such as headache, abdominal pain, backache, insomnia, weakened immune system, easily sad, anxious, depressed, … The patient will gradually lose interest in the sport. life.

* Some measures to help relieve stress, reduce stress.

* Yoga .

It can be said that Yoga is a sport that not only trains the health and flexibility of the body but also helps to improve the mood. Through exercises, the psychological damage will gradually be improved. After the yoga practice sessions, the practitioner will feel the spirit of comfort, the stress and fatigue disappear quickly. They will love life and be more optimistic about life. In addition, Yoga also stimulates blood circulation, blood flow to the brain is sufficient to help clear mind, you will always make more informed choices.

At times of stress, sit with your back straight and your legs bent. Then move the knees to the sides so that the soles of the left and right feet are facing each other. Next, lay your back gently on the floor. At this time, both hands will be placed on the abdomen. Next, you take a deep and slow belly breath, counting 30 times in your mind. This yoga pose will help relieve tension in the face, neck, back and hips, especially for people who work sitting for a long time like office workers. Tight muscles are also one of the easy reasons for headaches and nervous tension.

* Sleep on time and get enough sleep.

The time you sleep is when the body is rested and relaxed, the organs will “take advantage” of this time to repair the damage and regenerate lost energy. This is also the time to rest your mind and eliminate stress. Therefore, sleeping on time and getting enough sleep is extremely important. This is one of the best ways to relieve stress. When you lose sleep, you will easily stress your mind leading to stress. Stress makes you lose sleep. Practice going to bed early to avoid falling into this vicious cycle!

If your biological clock is used to sleeping late or it is difficult for your body to fall asleep early, you can limit the use of electronic devices 60 minutes before bed, turn off the bedroom lights, massage, read. Books help to relax the mind. Sleep will come easier and the habit of sleeping late and sleeping late will be overcome.

* Swimming .

Swimming is also a good way to relieve stress. When you soak in cold water, your brain relaxes and unwinds through a process called neurons in the hippocampus. At this time, cells lost due to stress will be replaced by new cells.

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