Free Spirit Walkthrough

On Sindhall Isle, just northeast of Kaer Trolde and north of the ‘Ancient Crypt’ fast travel point.

Sindhall Isle is the medium sized island off the northern coast of Ard Skellig. On the map it is just northeast of Kaer Trolde and north of the ‘Ancient Crypt’ fast travel point. The quest itself can be started at the beach on the southern end of Sindhall Isle. We’ll need to sail or swim out to reach the island.

As you near this location, a ‘!’ quest icon will appear on the map and you’ll see a pair of Skelligers arguing. One will draw his sword and rush at the other. Quickly hop off your boat and dispatch the hostile NPC to trigger a conversation with the other, Ivar to start the side-quest.

Note: At this point you’ll earn 25XP.

Following the conversation, you’ll need to do a bit of travelling in order to find and purchase a series of five books that Ivar requires for his research. The game will conveniently mark all of the required merchants with objective markers though, so it’s easy enough to find and purchase the books. Each will cost 10 Crowns.

Note: If you have been looting like a madman during your travels its possible that you may already have one or more of these books already in your possession. As such, you’ll just need to hunt down the remaining titles!

The books and their locations include:

  1. Change your Life! A Handbook – Can be purchased from the Loanshark in Novigrad by the ‘Southern Gate’ travel marker in Novigrad.
  2. The Curious Case of Virtuous Vegga – Can be purchased from the merchant in the shop close to the ‘St Gregory’s Bridge’ fast travel marker in Novigrad.
  3. The Cult of Freya – Can be purchased from the disguised merchant by the ‘Elector’s Square’ fast travel marker on Temple Isle, Novigrad.
  4. Religion and Life – Can be purchased from a merchant at Crow’s Perch, Velen.
  5. Tristianna and Isador – Can be purchased from a merchant in Lindenvale, Velen.

Once you have all five books in your possession, return to Sindhall Isle and track down Ivar once again – he’ll be in a new location. Hand over all five books to him during the conversation and once it finishes, the side-quest will be completed.

Note: For completing the quest, you’ll earn 25XP.


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