The leading cause of death.


       More than 6 million people could be prevented from dying each year by changing to a healthier diet.

This is the result of the latest study that has just been published in the European Heart Journal. Lead author of the study, Dr. Xinyao Liu, Central South University, China, said that cardiovascular disease is the leading killer disease in the world.

Only ischemic heart disease – the cause of heart attacks and angina pectoris has more than 126 million people, of which 8.9 million people die (2017 data), accounting for 16% of the total Worldwide, deaths have doubled in the past 30 years.

The research team calculated 11 risk factors for death from ischemic heart disease, including: diet, high blood pressure, high blood fat, high blood sugar, tobacco use, obesity, air pollution. gas, inactivity, kidney failure, lead exposure, and alcohol use.

In which diet is ranked as the leading cause. Assuming all other risk factors remained unchanged, up to 69.2% of deaths from ischemic heart disease worldwide (equivalent to nearly 6.3 million people) could be prevented by applying the healthier diet.

“Eating is the most important factor in preventing cardiovascular disease. Research shows that 2 out of 3 deaths from heart disease can be prevented through eating, “said Dr. Xinyao Liu.

Along with the modern lifestyle, the meal structure and way of eating are changing alarmingly such as eating too much processed food, eating a lot of saturated fat, drinking a lot of soft drinks, eating too much salt and high in sugar.

Therefore, the research team recommends that every individual should actively change their eating habits by increasing their intake of fish, fruits, green vegetables, nuts and whole grains.
Specifically, each adult should eat 200-300g of omega 3 fatty acids from fish and seafood every day; Eat 200-300g of fruit, 290-430g of vegetables, 16-25g of nuts and 100-150g of whole grains.

Dr. Elizabeth Klodas, cardiologist and founder of Step One Foods, adds that, of the main risk factors for heart disease, only two cannot be affected: age and family history. The rest are all modifiable and three-quarters of these are reversible with food.

Nutritionist Felicia Stoler further notes that most people don’t need to make drastic changes to their meals, in fact just add the good stuff in addition to the bad habits.

This expert also advises people to snack a little fruit before the main meal and at dinner, should eat less meat, increase vegetables, limit sugary drinks.

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