The benefits of swimming.


       People who regularly swim in the sea, especially residents of fishing villages, will have better health than others. Let’s find out the benefits of swimming in the sea.

On hot summer days, people often want to return to the sea to catch the wind and watch the horizon connecting the blue sea level and the wide sky. This not only helps us wash away daily fatigue but also brings many benefits to the body.

* Bathing in the sea has the effect of improving muscles.

Swimming makes the muscles in the body work throughout, just like when you take a bath in the pool. Bathing regularly helps burn fat and excess fat, helps muscles toned, spine increases elasticity and flexibility thanks to the amount of iodine found in small creatures in the sea.

Studies show that swimming 100m in sea water is equivalent to jogging 1km, this not only helps you burn calories effectively and save time, but also relaxes both body and mind in the cool water of the water. mother nature.

In addition, exposure to sea salt helps you overcome muscle soreness and calf cramps syndrome. Sea salt contains many electrolytes and alkalizing substances that also help strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis.

* Ocean waves are a giant massage machine.

Sea waves have a massage effect on the body, and if combined with swimming with water sports, it will help improve metabolism and blood circulation, increase the amount of red blood cells circulating to help the body relax. and more comfortable. They provide more oxygen to the brain, lower blood pressure, bring positive effects on the endocrine system as well as the hypothalamus. This helps stimulate brain activity, improve memory, improve thyroid performance.

* Improve skin condition.

The composition of natural sea salt has a combination of 3% mineral salts and 60 trace elements, when we soak in this mixture can make your skin more supple and healthy, improve scalp fungal disease, psoriasis.

Bathing in sea water for about 30 minutes a day will help heal wounds, rejuvenate and fade wrinkles on the skin. In addition, the amount of minerals in sea water also helps nourish nails and hair, helping nails become strong and healthy, hair will be thicker and more beautiful. However this is in case you protect your skin properly with sunscreen and protective gear.

* Reduce nervous tension.

The air, the sea water, the scenery at the sea help people’s spirit become more relaxed and comfortable. Many people share that, after each beach trip, they will have better sleep, stress and fatigue are also significantly improved.

This is because sea salt helps to stimulate the two hormones melatonin and serotonin, which help calm nerves and improve sleep. Inhaling the sea breeze, immersing in the cool sea water is enough for us to feel very refreshed. Therefore, those who work under stress and show signs of depression should regularly go to the beach to improve their mental health.

* Used to treat respiratory diseases.

Since ancient times, people have known how to use sea water to treat ear, nose and throat diseases. You may not know, just one drop of sea water contains more than 80,000 microorganisms, through bathing it will penetrate into the body and bring into the body trace elements and mineral salts that are good for health. health. They then evaporate, reducing spasms and increasing the tone of the respiratory center, which has a curative effect on asthma.

People have also purified sea water, removing impurities and retaining valuable nutrients of sea water, making it into drinking water or sprays to provide minerals to protect the body’s immune system. This is a highly effective method in the treatment of diseases of the ear, nose and throat.

* Strengthen the body’s immune system.

The content of negative ions in sea water is more than on land, which can promote the body’s excretion, protein breakdown and synthesis. In addition, the climate in the sea is less polluted, in the air there is a lot of ozone and sodium chloride salt to increase blood circulation, stimulate digestion and improve the body’s immune system. They enhance the functions of the brain, neutralize the excess of toxic substances in the body.

* Other uses of sea water and sea sand.

Going to the beach is not only soaking in sea water, many people also choose the method of lying on the sand to sunbathe. This form of bathing is very popular with foreign tourists. The heat of the sea sand can cure chronic joint disease in adults and rickets in children. So many people often choose to sunbathe in the morning from 7-9 o’clock on the sandy beaches to dye their skin, and help their body stay healthy.

Although swimming in the sea brings a lot of benefits to the body, when swimming in the sea, we also have to beware of the harsh sun that can make you sunburn and damage your skin. So, bathing at the right time, at the right time and properly protecting your body will help you enjoy all the wonders of the sea.

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