Complete guide to Summer Memories by Dojin Otome.

This guide uses the English uncensored patch:

more patches can be found there:

(written from the Dlsite version then adapted to Kagura’s translation; may contain errors or omissions)

Summer Memories Complete Guide


  • (0- Action points (AP);
  • 1- Player’s stat;
  • 2- Money;
  • 3- Girl’s stats;
  • 4- Vigilance & Game Over;
  • 5- Map;
  • 6- Time Slice (TS);
  • 7- Skills;
  • 8- Day and days left)

The game takes place over 30 days that you can occupy with different activities.
Each day is divided into 4 moments: Morning, afternoon, evening, night.
Each moment has its own events. The player can manually move to the next moment by clicking on the time indicator or by running out of stamina.

Action points (AP)

The pencil pot at the top of the screen represents the number of actions the player can perform before moving on to the next moment. The player starts with 3 points and earns 1 after each family outing (Sunday). Can also buy 2 in for 100 points each. (see Bonus)

Player’s stats

The player has 3 bars:

  • Lust (white): Increases over time. Once filled to the maximum (limit can be increased: see Beach), the player comes in his pants, loses 50 of stamina and moves on to the next day’s time.
    Can be lowered while having sex. (During the ejaculation: -1 lust point by stamina point expended.)
  • Stamina (Yellow): Each action requires more or less stamina (e.g. buying soft drinks from vending machine requires 5 points but hiking requires 51).
  • Memories (pink): Some activities provide memories. This bar is reset to 0 every night and the points are converted into Special Points (SP) to buy Skills.
    The most interesting activities are: family outings, sex events (see Girls side quest) and Rio’s animal capture report.


Every Monday, Miyuki give you 500Y. If you have sex with her, she gives you 1000Y instead. There are 2 way to earn money (¥) : By doing Yui or miyuki’s mini-game job or by reselling your fishes and bugs catch to Suzuka, the animal survey girl, after the 21st day.

Girl’s stats

Each girl (Yui, Rio and Miyuki) has 2 bars each:

  • Affection/Aff (pink): The affection bar goes from 0 to 100 but locks every 20 points (5 times = 5 levels) and unlocks after each event. Events are triggered when the affection and Homework Bars are at their maximum (Pink: Affection Max, Blue: >100).
  • Homework Achievement Score/HAS (Blue): The homework bar goes from 0 to 100 and is filled by completing missions (mini-game) of the corresponding girls if they are not busy (nap or toilet). (Rio’s mission is a report of insects and fishes catches, so he starts after catching at least 1).

Girls’ progression

Check this guide.

*To trigger Miyuki’s event 1, you must sleep at least once with her (to see the Miyuki and Husband sex scene). When your affection’s and homework’s bars are max., during the afternoon a kitchen event will occur. After that, sleep with either Rio or Yui.

H Status

Each girl also has sex statistics represented by 4 additional bars that appear instead of the house map when you talk to them.

  • Lewdness (max. 200)
  • Service (max. 200)
  • Perversion (max. 200)
  • Satisfaction (max. 100)

Vigilance & Game Over

The vertical bar is the noise bar. When the player have sex, he can vary the intensity of the act. The higher the bar rises, the more noise the character makes, which increases the level of vigilance of the people around. A bomb icon appears next to a character whose vigilance level is above 70. If the vigilance level rises to the maximum (max. 100), this character will enter the room = Game Over. Sleeping with a girl decreases her vigilance by 5.


Once you can have sex with Rio and Yui, the goal is to maximize each other’s Vigilance. She will then enter the room and begin a threesome.

WARNING: Have sex with someone decrease the Vigilance. Also, doesn’t matter if you have sex with Miyuki, If she find you to have sex with her daughters = Game Over.
– Also, lock the end for the end “Threesome Memory”


Once the Threesome is unlocked, the goal is to do the same thing as the Threesome but with Miyuki.

BE CAREFUL to the vigilance of the uncle who is not displayed and who can do Game Over.

– Also locks the end for the end “Foursome memory”.


Action Description Stat
Talk Do an activity and moves on to the next day’s time of day +3 Affection
Coax Give access to “Coax” skill
Item Offer an object Depends on the object used
Sex ♥ Start sex with a girl with whose service is unlocked

Family Outing

Every Sunday (7th, 14th, 21st and 28th day) the family organizes an outing.
Depending on your affection progression with girls, you can attend special events.
The chosen girl wins +5 affection.

Check this guide.

*Miyuki’s toilet mini-event: Appears when you come in your pants. One day Miyuki will talk about your pants’ accident. When Miyuki’s affection is high (>40), if you ask her to sleep with together the evening another choice of dialogue may appear: she will ask you if you want her to clean you. (yellow answer)



Location Actions
Entry Access to the city
Toilet If Toilet skill unlocked and a girl pees: Sex toilet scene
Bathroom Take a bath (+50 stamina)
Living room – Turns the TV on/off
– Take nap on sofa
Kitchen [Challenge Button] Miyuki’s mini game: Dishwashing (+5 memory)
Miyuki’s room Take nap on bed
Yui’s room – [Challenge Button] Yui’s mini game: Mathematics (+5 memory)
– Use computer
– Take nap on bed
Rio’s room – [Challenge Button] Rio: Animal repprt (+5 memory)
– Use computer
– Take nap on bed


Location Actions
House Access to the house
Sweets shop (outside) If buying a Gacha: Talk to Gacha-man
Sweets shop (indoor) Buying items from Shizuku
Sweets shop (square) – Menko Duel (Kids group)
– Buying a drink (Vending machine)
School If Endurance max > 145: Talk to Kagame (Sport Teacher)
School (depot) Some nights a salesman appears
Mountain – 2 insect jelly spot (level 2 to 4)
– After the 14th day: Talk to Suzaka (animal survey)
Mountain (top) – Going into the cave to pray
– > 51 stamina: Hiking (max endurance +3*Action Point remaining)
Dry River Bed – 1 insect jelly spot (level 1 to 2)
– 1 fishing spot (level 1 to 2)
The Sea Lie down on the transate (Lust max +3*Action Point remaining)
The Sea (creek) 1 fishing spot (level 3 to 4)


Check this guide.


All items (except those whose effect indicates it) offer +2 affection to Rio, Yui or Miyuki when offered. (Limit: 1 item/day/girl)

Check this guide.


1.a) Ending “Rio’s memory”:
Have carried out the 5 events with Rio (“Clear”) then choose Rio on the 30th day.

1.b) Ending “Yui’s memory”:
Have carried out the 5 events with Yui (“Clear”) then choose Yui on the 30th day.

1.c) Ending “Miyuki’s memory”:
Have carried out the 5 events with Miyuki (“Clear”) then choose Miyuki on the 30th day.

2) Ending “Threesome memory”:
Having unlocked the Threesome skill, once unlocked, the end is automatic.

3) Ending “Foursome memory”:
Having unlocked the Foursome skill, once unlocked, the end is automatic.

Girls side quest

Kagami (Sport Teacher)

  • Appears day 10. Unlock mini-game after 145 stamina. Start her mini-game (training) and successively beat his/her records. At the 4th race, catch her to trigger the sex scene.

Akari (Noodle player)

  • The longest quest. Get a Menko and go talk to the teenage band in the square. Show the boy with the fuse the Menko you are going to play and then a mini-game starts. Restart the mini-game to beat all your opponents until you beat the boy in the fuse and then it will disappear. (3 times)
  • The boy will reappear at night, talk to him.
  • The next day, continue to play with him several days in a row. One day, a girl will show up at the square as a Menko pro player. Fight her. During the mini-game, when the girl appears to throw her Menko, click on her to kiss her. Continue until you win.
  • The next day talk to her again and restart the mini-game by kissing her to start the sex scene.

Shizuku (Candy Shop girl)

  • From the 8th day, you can use the computers in Yui’s or Rio’s room.
  • Use every day until a breast picture appears.
  • Repeat the next day to see a booty picture appear.
  • The next day a photo of a teddy bear appears. After the event, go to the candy shop and click on the bear on the counter.
  • The next day, use the computer but you will not receive any more pictures, leave the house, go to the candy shop and talk with the sales assistant. The sex scene will start.

Suzuka (Animal survey girl)

  • Appears after the family outing to the mountains (day 14). She buys the insects and fish caught. If you bring her one insect and one fish of each rarity (8 in total, rarity 1 to 4, no matter the species) then she will reward you with a sex scene.

Mizuki (Beach girl)

  • Appears after the exit to the beach (day 21). Start her fishing mini-game and catch the yellow fish to pull up 1 piece of treasure. Repeat (difficulty increases) 5 times for the sex scene to start.


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