Stoneshard Hunger Guide

Stoneshard Hunger Guide (Effects & Tips)

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Stoneshard Hunger Guide

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Hunger is a Condition from spending long periods without food. The rate of starvation increases with activities such as Resting.

25%: Light hunger

  • Energy Restoration: -1%
  • Energy: -16

50%: Hunger

  • Morale Change: -0.05%
  • Energy Restoration: -3%
  • Strength: -1
  • Energy: -28

75%: Starvation

  • Morale Change: -0.1%
  • Energy Restoration: -9%
  • Strength: -2
  • Energy: -65
  • Near Death: Every few turns the character’s max health is being reduced.

Hunger increases by 1 approximately every 50 turns.

Tips and tricks

  • You can satiate Hunger with Food Items and Potions(Satiation)
  • Hunger increases after a large amount of turns(between 125 and 250 turns)
  • Eating Food Items before having Hunger doesn’t delay it(This will be reworked)
  • Use low satiation Food Items to heal Light Hunger and average satiation to heal Hunger

Note: Debuff values may change depending on character stats.

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