Guide to all free and giveaway items in SWTOR. All the codes to unlock your vehicles and mounts in Star Wars The Old Republic for free!

Star Wars The Old Republic Promo Codes

How to redeem a promo codes

  • Firstly log in to using your game account, then go to account in the top left and in the account list find the tab.
  • Most codes can be used by clicking the redeem code button, several also require entering a special URL such as the Limited Edition Special Forces Armor Set.
  • You must exit the game completely and re-enter the game to receive code redemption items from your mailbox.

SWTOR Promo & Cantina Codes (Unlock Vehicles)

All the codes to unlock your vehicles and mounts in Star Wars The Old Republic for free!

Unlock your vehicles for free using this codes:

  • NYCantina16

You can redeem the codes here:

Remember to find the Mailbox Terminal to claim your rewards.

You can also get free rewards to refer a friend:

Some of the codes are lock by region and may not work. Best of luck.

Current, previous or people that subcribe 7 days after using a code will receive a premium bundle of items including 7 days of free subscription time. Pure f2p accounts (brand new never subscribed) will receive a different bundle of goodies. Listed below:

Pure F2P Subscriber / Previous Subscriber / Subscribes within 7days
1x Quick Travel Pass Account Wide Customization Control: Display Title
5x Minor XP Boost Account Wide Unlock: Crew Skill Slot
1x Inventory Module Account Wide Unlock: Inventory Module
No free Subscription time 7 Days free subscription time
N/A Account Wide Customization Control: Unify Colors

Note: You get more benefits using a friend ref code if you are subscribed or subscribe in 7 days after using said code.

Be careful when you see people ingame offering millions of credits for clicking their friend ref codes, many are scams that will scam you or give bad links for nothing.


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