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Soul Knight List of All Plants (Resource, Weapons, Buff and Unique Plants)

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Soul Knight is a pixel shooter with a top-down view, where players explore procedure-generated underground. They have to fight crowds of enemies including mighty bosses, look for weapons and deal with different side quests.

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After level 2-1, the Garden unlocks to the left of the Living room. There are six Garden plots for planting seeds. Some plants will provide you with resources, others can be used as weapons, third give unique buffs.

Two of the plots are available straight away, the other four are unlockable. To unlock them, you need to spend 5000 gems for the middle ones while for the rest you need to pay $1 and $2 respectively.

How to grow plants

  1. You need seeds to grow plants. Seeds can be found in green chests in the dungeon or dropped by bosses. You can also buy seeds from the trader in the workshop or from the gashapon machine.
  2. Once you acquire the seeds, use the shovel to dig up the garden plot and plant the seeds.
  3. Then, you need to water the plant at least once a day before it grows. Plants need from 1 to 6 days to grow, depending on their type.

Tips: If you don’t want to wait, use fertilizer, which will reduce the waiting time to one day. The fertilizer can be found in the dungeons, bought from the gashapon machine and bought from the trader in the workshop.

Soul Knight List of All Plants

Resource plants

Name Growth Time Number of uses Resource Given
Gem Flower 1 day Single 288 Gems
Gear Flower 1 day Single 3 Parts
Ironwood 1 day Single 3 Ironstone
Trumpet Flower 1 day Single 4 Organic Matter
Oak Tree 3 days Single 10 Timber
Gem Tree 4 days Recharges after 1 day 222 Gems

Weapons plants

Name Growth time Number of uses Description
Carrot 1 day Single Melee weapon that deflects enemy shots and attacks enemies around the character
Green onions 1 day Single Acts both as a ranged and melee weapon
Vine 2 days Single Swings at a moderate distance with moderate Critical Chance that applies Poison on crit
Bamboo 3 days Recharges after 1 day Used as a ranged throwable weapon and as a melee weapon with a thrusting attack when close to the enemy

Buff and unique plants

Name How to get Growth time Effect
Dragon Fruit Tree Baby Dragon Bros 4 days (Rechargeable) Gives the Fire resistance buff
Cactus Random drop 3 days (Rechargeable) Gives the Trap resistance buff
Magic Flower Random drop 3 days (Rechargeable) Gives the Get energy whenever you kill a monster buff.
Devil’s Snare Devil’s Snare 7 days (Rechargeable) Gives a pet which shoots 3-way poisonous projectiles, can be used once per run
Titan Arum Random drop 1 day (Single use) Gives a pet that does 5 melee damage, can be used once per run
Mandrake Varkolyn Leader 2 days (Rechargeable) Gives the Immunity to poison buff
Caterpillar Fungus Volcanic Sandworm 3 days (Rechargeable) Gives the Increase Maximum health buff
Crystal Mushroom Giant Crystal Crab / Phantom King 2 days (Rechargeable) Gives Get more gems each game buff
Heptacolour Viola Random drop / Grand Knight 1 day (Single use) Gives an extra slot for Buffs. Multiple plants can stack

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