Should you buy smartphone insurance?

According to a recent Gallup poll, 81% of smartphone owners in the United States spend most of the day with that phone, with 63% still sticking around even during sleep time. In other words, people really hate not having a smartphone.

Should You Pop for Smartphone Insurance?
Should You Pop for Smartphone Insurance?

It’s completely addictive – but also expensive. That’s probably why smartphone insurance is so attractive.

The idea of a broken, lost, or stolen phone can be too confusing, in many ways. After all, the cost of replacing a smartphone averages about $567, earning a few dollars to buy insurance that seems to be worth the cost.
However, don’t sign that line. Matt Paliafito, senior category manager at Bat Battery Plus Bulbs, said most smartphone plans aren’t really worth it.

“Consumers should only go on a one-time repair route, especially as repair options become more accessible, fast, and convenient,” Paliafito said. With the repair option, customers just need to pay for what they need.”

And that’s usually not too painful, when you consider that the cost of repairing the iPhone screen once is between $80 and $130. On the other hand, insurance plans start at about $10 per month. That’s the minimum amount of $120 a year for a layer of security. Even worse, many insurance plans may have a deductible, which adds to the cost.

“Insurance plans typically charge a monthly deductible fee for customers, as well as a fee for each incident,” Paliafito said. For example, a plan can cost $10 per month ($120 per year), with a deduction of $100 or more when the phone breaks down.”

That’s a lot of money, especially when you consider the opportunity to use that plan. A recent consumer reports poll found that only 15% of buyers received a new phone due to a broken old one, with only 2% saying the purchase was due to a lost or stolen phone.
It should also be known that many smartphone plans do not include losses or certain types of risks. And even if you’re guaranteed service, you may not be repairing your old phone or a brand new device. Many smartphone insurance plans choose to replace your broken or lost phone with a revamped model.

If you’re still worried about what might happen, make sure you do a bit of research before signing up for smartphone insurance. Besides what is listed above, here are some questions to ask:

Is your phone covered by a warranty? Some third-party companies won’t include Android phones, while others won’t work with iPhones.
Is there a time limit or cancellation policy?
In case of an emergency, how long will I not have a phone?
Paliafito says that the average iPhone repair takes between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the damage and the number of customers waiting.
Battery Plus Bulbs is one of the places that provides cheap smartphone repair services today. With more than 700 stores nationwide, the company has gained market share in the smartphone repair sector. Paliafito says that cracked screens are the most common repair requirements, but the company also helps repair dead batteries, damaged by water, broken ports and buttons, and poor Wi-Fi functionality. All light bulb repair services of Battery Plus Bulbs also come with a six-month warranty, as part of the repair price.

If you’ve lost your phone due to theft or clumsiness before, then peace of mind may be worth the cost of buying smartphone insurance. For others, make sure you weigh your options before signing up for the service. It’s probably not worth the extra monthly fee.

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