Shining Song Starnova Idol Empire Facilities Rooms Guide

Shining Song Starnova Idol Empire: Facilities / Rooms Guide

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Shining Song Starnova Idol Empire: Facilities /


Everything your Idols need to do will be in one of many facilities (rooms) throughout the office. These facilities are grouped into Tiers and beyond Tier 1, each tier costs KN to unlock. The following is a brief description of each room and its abilities.

– Tier 1 –

Producer’s Office
Requires: Desk, chair and 2 sofas.
This is where the Jobs happen. You need a functioning Producer’s Office to get Job offers.

Makeup Room
Requires: At least one Makeup Table
Idols can apply makeup here to give a temporary boost to their Look stat. There are three different levels of makeup you can use which can be changed via the drop-down on the room’s info box. The first two levels, Eternal and Goddess have no cost. The third and highest level, Antionette, has a cost of 600 KN per use. You should use makeup when you need to give an Idol a boost to their Look stat. For example, before a Job or a Live. There is an Idol that has abilities related to makeup if she is your center. This room has a daily upkeep cost.

Break Room
Requires: At least one sofa
Your Idols can rest and relax here to recover their HP. You can add some optional furniture like vending machines which will give a slight increase to HP Regen inside the break room. You can have as many Idols use the Break Room as you have sofas. Each sofa can hold two Idols.

Personal Coach
Requires: 2 chairs
Training Room. Idols will train their Persona stat here. This facility has an upkeep cost.

Recording Booth
Requires: Attached Audio Engineering room and 1 Mic Stand
Your Idols will record Songs here. Songs are a good source of income, especially early on, and are required to hold Lives.

Audio Engineering
Requires: Attached Recording Room, sound board and 1 chair
This room is for your Song Makers. Here you select the Song you want to record, the Idols that will record/perform the song and the PV (promotional video), if any, you want to record. The Song Maker you choose, as well as all included Idols Sing stat determines the quality of the song. Furthermore, if you choose to record a PV, the Idols Dance stat will be used as well.

Dance Studio
Your Idols can train their Dance stat here. You can add some optional furniture to give the room a boost. Speakers, Yoga Mats/Balls, etc. The size of the room determines how many Idols can train at once.

Vocal Studio
Your Idols train their Sing stat here. The size of the room determines how many Idols can train at once.

– Tier 2 –

Tier 2 rooms cost 7,000 KN to unlock and you should unlock them once Popularity gets above 200 per Idol (generally).

Requires: At least one hospital bed
This is a medical facility to treat any injuries and/or conditions your Idols may have. There’s an upfront cost (KN) for treatment. Please note that some Conditions, such as Chemical Dependency and Yandere, cannot be cured in the Sickbay.

Requires: Buffet table, cafeteria table and at least 1 chair
Your Idols can train their HP or Look stat here. You can choose what the room does by using the drop-down in the room’s Info box. Idols can develop Eating Disorders if you make them eat too often. Once or twice a week is generally fine. You can have them eat up to three times a week if you alternate what they eat (Protein/Greens). This room has a daily upkeep cost.

Security Office
Requires: At least 1 desk and 1 chair
This is where your security team hangs out. Security deals with Stalkers. Once your Idols become popular they will start getting stalked. You cannot avoid stalkers, they come with the territory for popular Idols. You can have as many security guards as you can afford. Each requires a desk and chair. This facility has an upkeep cost.

Research Lab
Requires: 1 lab station and 1 chair
This room is for Stage Effects which are directly related to Lives. You have to build the stage effects manually and they have an individual KN cost. You only need one of these rooms as multiple labs add no benefits. These stage effects are very handy to have during difficult or lengthy Lives. The Research Lab unlocks the Spotlight which increases the performance of the Idol under the spotlight. You can build Heal Canisters to heal an Idols HP during the Live and finally you can build a Mega Glowstick which pops all bubbles on the screen and generates Hype.

Sales Department
Requires: At least 1 desk and 1 chair
This room houses your sales team. They will sell Starnova-related merchandise to your fans. Items have a manufacturing cost. Your merchandise sales are directly related to your Idols overall Popularity. With that in mind, you should generally start small and increase what you manufacture as your Idols become more popular.

– Tier 3 –

The Tier 3 facilities are advanced and require 10,000 KN to unlock. These facilities are invaluable in the mid to late game, especially the Legal Department. You should unlock this tier as soon as you get hit with any Scandals (but preferably as soon as you can afford to).

Upgrade Training Room
Requires: A valid training room
This isn’t a room, but an upgrade. You can use it to upgrade any training room for 15,000 KN. You can upgrade the Vocal Studio, Dance Studio, Personal Coach and Cafeteria. This upgrade gives you two levels instead of one when the Idol levels up the related stat. This upgrade takes time and will display a + after the name of the room when complete.

Legal Department
Requires: 1 desk and 1 chair
Your Lawyer resides here. You can use your lawyer to sue the paparazzi that harass your Idols with Scandals. There’s a KN cost to sue, but it’s much better than the penalties from Scandals.

PR Department
Requires: At least 1 desk and 1 chair
This is where your PR team does it’s magic. You can either have them Hype up your Idols, which will increase Fame. Or they can be set to Damage Control, which will decrease Infamy. You can have as many on the team as you can afford.The PR team performs their job as needed and focuses on the Idol that needs the most attention in a given situation. They will automatically cycle through who they focus on as needed. Please note that Damage Control is expensive and will incur a high KN cost.

Event Room
Requires: 1 stairwell, at least 1 event table and 1 chair
You can hold events here to generate money (KN). Assigning an Idol to this room has her meet and greet fans that pay for the chance to meet their favorite Idol. The amount of fans you get is based off of all your Idols Popularity. This room is a great income generator in the mid to late game.

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