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Resident Evil 3 Speedrun Route Guide

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Resident Evil 3 Speedrun Route Guide

This guide will give you the speedrun route in a text based bulleted format.

Basic info before speedrunning

It is highly recommended that you beat the game first, then farm some points to buy the infinite rocket launcher. This weapon makes speedrunning insanely easy. It makes every enemy a joke. If you want to make your speedrun as EASY as possible, I recommend buying all of the inventory upgrades, getting all of the stat boosting items, and also unlocking the bolt cutters and lock pick. The stat boosting items will make you almost unkillable and the the bolt cutters and lock pick will shave a few seconds off the run, but not much. These are just a small help though. The infinite rocket launcher is what makes speedrunning ridiculously easy. You also take no damage from the rocket launcher. So if you are surrounded, you can simply shoot a rocket at your feet and kill everything around you.

With that all said, this game is pretty linear as long as you know what item to run to next. You should be able to easily get around a 1 hour speedrun on any difficulty using the rocket launcher and the bulleted list below. Good luck and have fun.

Text Only Bullet Format Guide

Here is a text only, non-detailed, bulleted list of what you need to do:

  • Escape apartment and do the whole intro until you finally get to downtown
  • Run towards fire alley to trigger zombie breaking fence cutscene
  • Go straight to fire hose location in main train station control building
  • Head back to fire alley and put out fire
  • Grab bolt cutters and open door in safe room
  • Go straight to lockpick location
  • Must grab at least one herb for parasites
  • Open locked door
  • Eat herb
  • Turn on two generators to the left
  • Turn on one generator by the ladder
  • Climb ladder
  • Turn on last generator
  • Escape spider nest
  • Run back main train station control room
  • Plan the train route (FA2, RA3, SA2, FO1)
  • Go back to the train and meet carlos
  • Run from nemesis in sewers
  • Go straight to battery pack in the lab area
  • Go back to ladder next to where you slid down
  • Use the battery pack on the doors
  • Run from nemesis again while he torches the building
  • Kill nemesis
  • Run to Kendo shop
  • Grab kendo key
  • Open kendo gate
  • Run from nemesis again
  • Dodge rolling toy head
  • Meet carlos again
  • Get on train
  • Now playing as Carlos in RPD station, run forwards and kill Brad-zombie
  • T will pick door open
  • Enter RPD and stand next to T until shutter opens
  • Run all the way up to the third floor and get the key
  • Go back to weapons locker and open door 104 for battery
  • Go to showers on 2nd floor and combine battery with bomb to blow open wall
  • Go to Stars office
  • Immediately turn around after cutscene and try to leave stars office. This triggers another cutscene
  • Now playing as Jill in train crash, run up to surface and across the bridge
  • Kill nemesis
  • Now playing as carlos in hospital, go to reception and grab tape recorder
  • Go to 2nd floor, jump out window, grab key from courtyard
  • Go back to 2nd floor and open locked door to grab ID card
  • Use ID card on locked door on other side of 2nd floor
  • Go grab tape for tape recorder
  • Go back to voice activated door and open with tape recorder
  • Grab vaccine
  • Go back to Jill and give her vaccine
  • Defend Jill and T
  • Now playing as Jill lockpick the first door you can and go into underground umbrella lab
  • Go to the elevator next to the fuse box and push the elevator button triggering the power outage
  • Grab all 3 fuses
  • Put fuses into fuse box and go up elevator
  • Go to 2nd floor lab and get USB key
  • Go back to first floor and use key
  • Go get both vials for the vaccine base and combine to make vaccine base
  • Mix in the vaccine maker, combination is mid, high, low
  • Escape facility
  • Fight nemesis again and kill him
  • Run a little more
  • Fight nemesis a final time and kill him
  • Run to carlos and shoot Nicholai, GG you did it!

Some extra tips

Here are some extra tips I haven’t seen pointed out in very many places yet. Figured I would just add these in for some extra help:

  • The rolling toy head moves MUCH FASTER on Nightmare and Inferno. You need to be very quick and immediate. It’s also easier to dodge if you run straight down the stairs and turn right as you hit the floor. Don’t try to cut over to the right as you’re going down the stairs. Much more likely to die if you do that.
  • Mr. Charlies and the Bookworm files are persistent across games. This means if you miss the first file in the game, you can start a new game and collect that one file and the achievement will immediately pop. No need to get every file and every Mr. Charlie in a single run.
  • I HIGHLY recommend you do at least 1 save on Inferno, right before the final boss fight. The final boss is probably the hardest part in the entire inferno run. You are required to do a lot of perfect dodges, and there is no auto save in inferno. Having the stars manual in your inventory makes the final fight much easier.
  • If you are farming kills for shop points, there are certain places in the game you should keep a save file for. An example being when Carlos has to defend Jill and T in the hospital. You can rack up a lot of kills here for shop points.
  • If you die during a run, the clock will not set back upon clicking continue or doing a single load. However, if you load the game again from your previous save, it will reset the clock back to that point in time, and also reset your deaths. So if you die in any run, double reload the game to wipe your time back and your deaths back. This isn’t as useful on inferno since there is no auto save, but it will help you get a lower time and no deaths if you are having issues with the final boss.

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