Postpartum massage and health benefits.


       Body massage is considered a therapy that brings many benefits to women after giving birth. However, there are also cases when it is necessary to consult a doctor or avoid this method.

Postpartum massage is considered a therapy that brings many practical benefits such as helping to relax, restore strength, avoid depression and stimulate mammary glands to work more effectively. Here’s everything you need to know about this method.

* What is postpartum massage?

Postpartum massage is a health care method that helps to relax the whole body. This therapy is considered to bring many benefits to mothers who have just undergone labor and are in confinement. This is an effective method to help mothers recover their health and relax after giving birth.

If there is time, the postpartum woman should do regular massage every day or every other day. If possible, you should use massage services for postpartum mothers provided by professional and reputable units.

* Where should the massage be performed?

Postpartum massage is usually performed on the whole body, not just a few parts such as the back, abdomen, shoulders or breasts. During the massage, the mother will need to change positions several times to achieve the most comprehensive effect. If you lie on your stomach, you need to pay attention to the problem of milky breasts that can wet the bed.

In case of caesarean section, it is advisable to consult a doctor before performing massage to avoid tearing the incision and causing infection after birth. When massaging, it is necessary to avoid the wound and surrounding area until the injury to the lower abdomen has completely healed. The best position is lying on your side or sitting up straight. Also, let the technician know which position is uncomfortable or when he or she is working too hard.

* What are the health benefits of postpartum massage?

1. Helps relax muscles.

During childbirth, the abdomen and lower back are the areas of the muscle that take a big hit. Besides, the shoulder and back area are also vulnerable areas when breastfeeding in the wrong position. Massage therapy is to help relax and relieve muscle pain effectively.

Massage is an effective way to increase the amount of blood and oxygen reaching the muscles. Not only that, massage also helps eliminate toxins, stimulate muscle recovery and strengthen the immune system. This helps to effectively prevent the risk of postpartum headaches.

2. Helps reduce swelling.

Massage also acts on the lymphatic system to help the circulation process smoother and remove excess fluid. In addition, the massage also helps the water to be transported to the right place. This limits the accumulation of water that causes swelling.

3. Stimulate hormone secretion.

Massage stimulates the brain to release the hormone endorphin, which is a natural pain reliever. Endorphine offers positive effects such as helping to relax the mind and ensure a good night’s sleep. Besides, this method also stimulates the body to release oxytocin. This is a hormone that activates the lactation reflex and helps the mammary glands work more efficiently.

4. Unblocking milk ducts.

Breast massage helps to relax the mind and unclog milk ducts. This helps reduce the risk of mastitis in new mothers. However, it should be noted that the massage should be gentle to avoid putting too much milk into the milk follicles, causing the opposite effect.

5. Prevent depression.

Performing massage is an opportunity for the postpartum mother to have the opportunity to rest and relax. This helps reduce stress levels and avoids the risk of falling into a state of sadness or even postpartum depression. The mother will quickly recover and have more energy to take better care of her baby.

* Who should not perform postpartum massage?

Massage method is not suitable for postpartum women with problems such as:

– High Blood Pressure
– Herniated disc
– Having medical complications after giving birth
– Having dermatological diseases such as pimples, rashes, eczema, …

Postpartum massage can have many health benefits, but it’s best to consult your gynecologist about the right time to start. Besides, the mother should combine with physical exercise to get back in shape as before.

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