I manage to get rid of annoying stuttering cutscene. I would like to share it, but I don’t guarantee this would work to everyone.

Temporary Opening & Cutscenes Lag Fix

Here is what I did:

  • 1. Turn on in-game V-sync.
  • 2. Try to use borderless window or fullscreen (both work for me).
  • 3. Move the game folder to SSD.
  • 4. Make sure your pc is running on high performance mode. How to enable high performance mode: press windows button > type control panel in search box > select power options > choose high performance mode.
  • 5. Update your graphics card driver.
  • 6. Open in-game settings and adjust the rendering scale to 100% – 150% (mine is working fine on 150%).
  • 7. If you have discrete GPU, make sure the game runs on that GPU. For Nvidia users: right click the game exe > run with nvidia graphics processor.
  • 8. Press windows button > type ‘display setting’ and open it > scroll down and click graphics settings > browse where you installed P4G and find the P4G.exe > press options and set it to high performance.

That’s all. I hope this could help those who experience the cutscene lag.


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