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Octopath Traveler How to Beat Gaston (Boss Fight)

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Octopath Traveler How to Beat Gaston

Items Acquired
Healing Grape, Bunch Handaxe

As we reach to the end of the cave, we’ll have to fight the leader of the Brigands, named Gaston. We have to fight two Brigands, as well as him. Hopefully, you upgraded your equipment so this fight can be a bit easier. This is an easy fight overall, and it may look intimidating because you have three enemies, but they don’t hit that hard and don’t have any dangerous moves.

Let us go over Gaston’s attacks:

  • Attack: Low-Medium physical damage to one character.
  • Level Slash: High physical damage to all characters.
  • Gaston grins and whirls his blade: Gaston skips this turn to powerup an attack for his next turn. Check the ATB bar at the top of the screen. If you have a turn before his next turn, DEFEND.
  • Mighty Blow: Very high physical damage to one character.

The following are the Brigand’s attacks:

  • Attack: Low physical damage to one character.
  • Thrash: Low physical damage to all characters.

As you can see, they only have physical attacks and they have attacks that can hit all characters (if you have any, anyway), but they do pretty much the same damage as their regular attacks. As you start the fight, you’ll want to ignore Gaston altogether and focus all your attacks on one Brigand at a time. You can use Level Slash twice to break their Shield and use all your BP with another Level Slash to deal massive damage to both of them. Use as many Inspiriting Plums as you want/need in order to get rid of them.

If you do not want to use your items, you can continue attacking them with your Sword and use all your BP to attack him normally! As for Gaston himself, he’s not much different from the Brigands. He only deals considerably more damage and takes less damage. He also has over twice their SP, so we’ll need to be more patient with this one. Then he skips his turn, MAKE SURE to defend before his next turn because it does MASSIVE damage. Overall a very easy fight. Simply heal when your HP is getting below 100 and you’ll be fine!

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