Note to remember for people with high blood pressure.


      High blood pressure causes many dangerous complications for patients. Here are some notes to prevent and support the treatment of high blood pressure that you should not ignore.

High blood pressure is known as the “silent killer” when it has no symptoms or symptoms are often mild and vague. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the daily diet to help fight this disease.

* Good foods for people with high blood pressure.

Here are the foods doctors recommend for people with high blood pressure:

* Green vegetables .

Green vegetables are potassium-rich foods that will help your body achieve a higher ratio of potassium to sodium. Therefore, the addition of green vegetables will help neutralize sodium in the body. This allows the body to remove sodium from the kidneys through the urine, thereby effectively lowering blood pressure.

You should give priority to green vegetables such as lettuce, lettuce, kale, turnip greens, collard greens, spinach… These are all very potassium-rich vegetables. In addition, you should choose fresh green vegetables because canned vegetables often have added sodium.

* Berries .

Consuming flavonoids compounds can effectively prevent high blood pressure and lower blood pressure.

Besides, berries such as raspberries, strawberries should be added to the daily nutritional menu of people with high blood pressure. If you have a family member with high blood pressure, you should use these berries as an easy-to-eat and nutritious dessert for the whole family, but also bring many great benefits in regulating blood pressure.

* Drink unsweetened milk.

Unsweetened milk is a great source of nutrition for all of us, providing calcium, low fat. The addition of unsweetened milk in the daily diet is very helpful in lowering blood pressure. Instead of high-fat dairy, people with high blood pressure should eat low-fat dairy products like yogurt.

* Foods to avoid.

Here are some foods that people with high blood pressure should note to limit their use

* Do not eat foods with high salt content.

According to the doctor’s recommendation, an adult should eat less than 6g of salt per day. The sodium molecules present in table salt drain cell fluid, make the heart beat faster, and cause an increase in blood pressure. In particular, people with high blood pressure should not eat pickled dishes such as pickles, salted eggplant, salted onions, kimchi because these dishes contain high sodium content, which can easily cause high blood pressure for users.

* Avoid eating fast foods and processed foods .

People with high blood pressure should limit processed meats such as ham, bacon, hot dogs, … These are foods that contain a lot of saturated fat, preservatives and contain high levels of cholesterol. high salt content. Therefore, the consumption of foods causes high blood pressure and obesity. People with high blood pressure should not eat these foods to avoid high blood pressure.

* Do not use alcohol, beer, tobacco, coffee.

The use of alcohol and tobacco causes many serious health effects, especially for people with high blood pressure. Nicotine in cigarettes stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, causing vasoconstriction, causing an increase in blood pressure. Besides, drinking too much alcohol is also a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and blood pressure diseases. Not only that, the use of alcohol, beer also loses the effect of antihypertensive drugs, and makes the disease worse.

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