A Way Out Kodama Locations

  1. The first Kodama can be found at the starting point. Upon entering the forest, go west where you’ll encounter a soldier, armored dog, and archer. Kill and head past the enemies and go up the stairs leading to the cliff where the archer was. From there, jump down from the roof of the house and check the corner where you’ll find the Kodama.
  2. In the area where the spotlight is, you’ll find the second Kodama, it’s on the west side before reaching the small hut that’s straight ahead. You’ll find it behind some inclined planks
  3. When you reach a split path from the small hut after the area where the spotlight is. Go east towards a large hut where you’ll encounter more soldiers. You can find the Kodama inside a large pot just outside the hut.
  4. From the second shrine, head further until you encounter a Biwa-Boku-boku sitting on a branch. Kill it then work your way around the corner and towards its position. Walk up to the edge of the tree branch where a corpse is, then jump down to the branch below you where you’ll find the Kodama.
  5. The fifth Kodama can be found in the 2nd area that has another moving spotlight that’s being patrolled by a Mitsume Yazura. Dispel the dark realm first, then you’ll notice a One-Eyed Imp yokai that’s standing at a corner by the bushes. Kill it then search the spot where it was standing, you’ll find the Kodama hiding in the bushes.
  6. The sixth Kodama can be found under the stairs of the temple’s entrance. The path leading the temple can be found from where the fifth Kodama’s location.
  7. From the third kodama shrine, head towards the gate that leads to the boss at the end of the village. There’s a house on the right where a Yamanba is and a large chest. Go out the back of the house and you’ll find some large pots at the corner, the Kodama is behind the pots.


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