How to setup workshops?

There are 11 workshops, 11 raw materials, and 10 finished goods. Villages ‘primarily produce’ a fixed raw material and villagers transport it to the closest town their faction controls. The town’s workshops use the raw materials to produce a finished product.

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Go to a town, not a castle or village, and go walk around it. hold alt and find the workshops. i think towns have 3, could be any one of these.

  • Clay > Pottery Workshop > Pottery
  • Cotton > Velvet Weavery > Velvet
  • Flax > Linen Weavery > Linen
  • Grain > Brewery > Beer
  • Grapes > Wine Press > Wine
  • Hardwood > Wood Workshop > Bows, Arrows, & Shields
  • Hides > Tannery > Leather & Light Armor
  • Iron Ore > Smithy > Weapons & Armor
  • Iron Ore & Hardwood > Smithy > Tools
  • Olives > Olive Press > Oil
  • Silver Ore > Silversmith > Jewelry
  • Wool > Wool Weavery > Clothing

The workshops are in the middle. Left is what they required, right is what they produce. they get the required material from the town as far as I know. Cost 14000-15000 to get started.

Best Workshop Location

Go to the city called ”Pen Cannoc” located in the Kingdom of Battania, take a walk through the town and go to the Pottery Shop and talk to the Shop Worker and buy the Pottery Workshop there.

The 3 villages bound to Pen Cannoc are all Clay producers and Clay makes Pottery which means you will make a ton of cash early game and it’s safer than starting with a Caravan.

Battania > Pen Cannoc > Pottery Workshop > Profits


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