Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord Increase Party Size

Increasing your Stewardship is one of the most reliable ways to increases max party size early. You recieve additional max party size at a 4:1 ratio to your Stewardship, so 100 points will net you +25 max party size as long as you are the designated Quartermaster of your clan.

Stewardship Perks

[Bannerlord] – +2 to party size for each fief the player owns.
[Swords As Tribute] – +10 to party size for every vassal.
[Man-At-Arms] – +5 to party size for each fief the player owns.

Other Perks

There is an early (Lv75) Riding perk [Squires] gives +2 max party size, this stacks with other companions who also have this perk.

There are a few other perks as well but most of them are for level 200+ in skills. I’m not going to be mentioning these at this time as this guide is aimed at newer and more inexperienced M&B players.

Clan/Kingdom Modifiers

You will gain +15 max party size for each clan level, your clan level can be increased by gaining renown through various actions

If you rule a kingdom the Royal Guard policy will give +80 max party size to the ruler as well as some other nice benefits.

The kingdom policy Noble Retinues will grant Tier 4+ clans within the kingdom +1 influence per day and the party size of their leaders is increased by +50.


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