Metro Exodus The Caspian Collectible Locations

The Caspian Postcards

There are five postcards in this chapter:

1. After getting control of the character, go inside the building next to the train and look at the wall near the doorway.

2. After meeting with Giul at the lighthouse, look for a postcard near the door passage.

3. When you get to a dismantled ship where you can save hostages (one of the points of interest that Anna will point at), go to the captain’s cabin and pick up a postcard from the wall near the doorway.

The Caspian Diaries

You can find twelve notes in the Caspian:

  1. When you get the car, take the road to the lighthouse. Halfway you will find a broken barge under which you need to go. Slaves work in the nearby. Go inside the barge, go up the stairs and find the foreman’s diary on the table near the container on the right (near the stairs).
  2. Once on the same barge, move forward and higher. Deal with enemies and find the leader’s letter in the far room.
  3. When you will be going to the lighthouse through the cave (to help Gulnara), you will see many corpses in one of the galleries. This place resembles a stone bridge. Near one of them there’s a letter to the son.
  4. When inspecting the bunker on behalf of Gulnara, you will find yourself in office rooms with many tables, cobwebs and the first spiders. To open the door, you need to go to the far room and use the switchboard. The memo lies in the other part of the office, on one of the tables.
  5. In the same bunker, near the room with spiders through which you go to the broken ventilation, there is a room with one table in the corner. The image analysis lies on this table.
  6. When you get to the map archive, go to the next room which resembles a command post. The ‘’last orders’’ file lies on the table.
  7. Inside the disassembled ship about which you’ll learn from Anna, there’s a product list on the table on the right.
  8. A yellow truck stands before the entrance to the canyon (you will learn about it from the Baron – a question mark will appear). There’s a table with Baron’s letter in the nearby.
  9. Inside this canyon, after you have got to the suicide using the rope ladder, pick up his suicide note.


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