All Bracer Upgrades


  • Description. Hard bracer protects you from monster bites and allows you to install additional devices needed for survival.
  • How to unlock: available by default.

Metal Detector

  • Description. This device was initially constructed for exploration of mineral deposits but was reconfigured to search of small amounts of metal. It does not respond to heaps of rusty iron scattered everywhere after the War, so it is very helpful in search of resources for crafting.
  • How to unlock: at the Volga location. High silos towers (or something similar to them) are located in the lower right corner of the location. In one of the towers, you will find a teddy bear for Nastya (the marker will appear on the map). Descend and go left on the map to find a locked hut. Break the lock and pick up the upgrade.


  • Description. The compass on your bracer always indicates the direction in which you should move.
  • How to unlock: at the Volga location. Search for it in the wreckage of a downed plane to which you will come after church (after you have met Duke). If you do not find it on the Volga, you’ll be able to pick it up from Giul in the lighthouse.

Motion Scanner

  • Description. This device uses various detectors and complex algorithms to identify moving opponents. However, it requires practice for effective use in battle.
  • How to unlock: at the Caspian location. In the left part of the location, there’s a wrecked barge right on the road. Slaves are working near this barge. Go to the very top, killing enemies, and find the upgrade.


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