Lumberjacks Dynasty PC Keyboard Controls

Lumberjack’s Dynasty PC Keyboard Controls

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Lumberjack’s Dynasty is a mix of forestry, logging, business- and life-simulation with role playing elements. You start at a run-down logging camp which you slowly take over from your aunt and uncle as you restore it to its former glory. Along with cutting timber and hauling it to the mill for further production, you will enjoy various quests that will help you improve not only your business, but your character’s skills.

PC Keyboard Controls

The controls listed below are the default controls that may be changed by the user.

Every control option on the PC version of Lumberjack’s Dynasty.

  • Move Forward – W
  • Move Back – S
  • Strafe / Wheel Left – A
  • Strafe / Wheel Right – D
  • Use / Enter – E
  • Jump – Space
  • Fix / Rebuild – LMB
  • Engineer’s Sight – RMB
  • Map / Pad – M
  • Work Mode Menu – TAB
  • Lights – L
  • Change Camera – C
  • Cruise Control – T
  • Hitch / Unhitch (Back) – Q
  • Power Take Off (PTO) – Z
  • Operate 1 – Up / Down  – R
  • Operate 2 – Extend – F
  • Operate 3 – Unload – V
  • Enter – Enter

How to Rebind Controls

  • Go to the “Settings”
  • Select “Control”
  • Click on any bind and change key that you want.

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