How to use sugar for a healthy body?


     A mild lack of sugar causes mental weakness, irritability, and lethargy; Severe hypoglycemia can even lead to a stroke risk.

* The role of sugar .

Most people who lose weight, treat acne, or pursue a healthy and balanced lifestyle reduce sugar in their diet. However, restriction does not mean that we are allowed to eliminate sugar from our diet. Similar to protein, fat – sugar is also an extremely important component for the human body.

According to nutritionists, after we eat foods containing sugar, the body will break it down into smaller sugar units, absorbed into the bloodstream and carried through the blood to the liver. The liver converts these sugars into glucose, which can be used immediately for energy. The remainder is stored as glycogen in the liver and muscles. When blood sugar drops, glycogen in the liver and muscles is converted into glucose to provide an immediate source of energy for the body to function. In the absence of an adequate supply of necessary sugar, glycogen stores are depleted, the body must use protein for fuel, then the kidneys will be overloaded and create harmful substances.

Besides providing energy and creating backup energy for the body, sugar also provides other important nutrients such as vitamins B1, B2, B5, C; Inorganic salts include calcium, phosphorus, iron and organic acids. In particular, sugar also helps improve mood immediately: when ingested, sugar activates the pleasure center of the brain and produces dopamine, causing a feeling of euphoria.

Cutting sugar when losing weight, dieting in an unscientific way can disrupt the body’s normal functioning. Mild sugar deficiency, the body will lose the ability to concentrate, mentally weak, easily agitated, irritable, and sluggish. In more severe cases, patients with hypoglycaemia often feel nauseous, stomach cramps, abdominal pain, fatigue, heart palpitations, tremors, palpitations, sweating, and are at risk of stroke.

* How to measure sugar in the body.

To know what level of sugar in the body is, the most accurate and specific way is to measure the blood sugar index, under the advice of a doctor. Blood glucose measurements are usually taken before and after meals, before and after exercise, before going to bed, or when the body is not feeling well.

A blood glucose meter will show if your blood sugar is within a stable range. The doctor will also rely on this index to come up with a suitable eating and exercise plan for each individual.

* The key to balance sugar in the body.

To protect our health, we need to avoid sugar products of unknown origin, should use products of clear origin. Should choose sugar with natural white color, do not change color during circulation. When purchasing, consumers must pay close attention to the date of manufacture and the expiry date.

In addition to choosing the right type of sugar, a daily diet that ensures a balance of sugar is recommended by many experts, including:

Foods rich in fiber: Vegetables, chia seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, sweet potatoes..

– Foods rich in carbohydrates: Brown rice, sweet potatoes, cereals…

Healthy fats: Extra virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, nuts (like almonds, chia seeds, hemp and flax), avocados…

Quality protein: Salmon, eggs, grass-fed beef or lamb, dairy products…

– Diameter: 37.5 grams – equivalent to 9 teaspoons for men, 25 grams is equivalent to 6 teaspoons for women (according to the American Heart Association AHA).

Eating small meals throughout the day is also important. Meals should be spaced 3-5 hours apart. Three nutritious main meals a day, plus a few healthy snacks can help keep blood sugar stable.

Exercise also has a big effect on blood sugar because the glucose in the blood is used for energy. So, remember to eat, energize the body right after participating in physical activities.

Too much sugar or too little sugar is not good for our health, thereby reducing our quality of life. Therefore, to keep your body healthy and beautiful, you should apply a balanced diet and exercise with a sufficient amount of sugar every day.

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