How to restore damaged skin effectively and safely.


      Are you having a headache because your skin is getting worse and worse? Do you know how to restore damaged skin safely, not too expensive but very effective? Don’t worry, refer to some beauty secrets below to own healthy, smooth skin.

What is the cause of your dull, flaky, sensitive skin? Is there a way to restore damaged skin quickly but with good results? The information provided in the article will help you have more experience in taking care of your skin safely and healthy. You will always be confident with ruddy, smooth and flawless skin.

* What are the factors that cause skin damage?

The skin is a part of the body that occupies a large part of the body, so the skin is very susceptible to impact and damage by many external agents. Some common causes of damaged skin:

1. Ultraviolet rays.

Ultraviolet rays, also known as UV rays, present in the sun’s rays are one of the factors that cause skin damage. Ultraviolet rays have strong wavelengths, which can penetrate deep directly, causing damage to inner skin cells. Your skin is not only burned, darkened, but also severely damaged.

2. Chemical Corticosteroids.

Mixing cream, acne cream, skin whitening cream, … contain many corticosteroids. This is an ingredient that has the ability to whiten skin, treat acne, reduce dark spots quickly, but when abused for a long time, it will be a cause of skin erosion and serious damage. The skin will become thinner, more easily irritated and sensitive.

3. Acne.

Acne is also a reason for damaged skin. At the site of acne, the skin is easily penetrated by bacteria, clogged pores, making the skin weak and vulnerable. When the acne heals, the young skin in that location is likely to be thin, if not cared for or properly applied to restore damaged facial skin, it will lead to darkening of the skin causing loss of aesthetics.

* List ways to repair damaged skin.

Here are some effective and economical ways to care for and repair damaged skin that you can apply:

1. Apply lavender essential oil.

Lavender has a mild fragrance, bringing a feeling of relaxation. Therefore, lavender essential oil is often used to relieve stress. In addition, many women also tell each other how to restore damaged skin after acne with this essential oil. Every day, you can apply a thin layer of essential oils to your face. Lavender ingredient extract has the effect of reducing the formation of free radicals, anti-oxidants and slows down the aging process of the skin. At the same time, this essential oil also creates a protective film on the skin from the sun, stimulating the production of new skin cells.

2. Apply a green tea mask.

Green tea contains many active ingredients that are good for the body, especially skin cells. Green tea contains EGCG – an active ingredient that has anti-aging, anti-cancer, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory effects. To restore damaged skin, you can cook green tea to drink every day, or puree the tea to make a mask.

3. Tomato mask.

Like green tea, tomatoes also contain many ingredients that are good for the skin, anti-aging, prevent acne and restore skin after damage effectively. If your facial skin is suffering from acne, thin, sensitive, and easily irritated skin, tomato mask is a good treatment support method. How to restore damaged skin with tomatoes is very simple. You just need to regularly mash tomatoes and apply on your face 2 to 3 times a week. Facial skin will recover damaged and beautiful quickly.

4. Use aloe vera to restore damaged skin.

Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory effects, reduces swelling caused by acne and soothes skin irritation quickly. Therefore, you can use aloe vera as an effective home remedy for damaged skin. Aloe vera combined with yogurt, fresh milk without sugar will increase the skin recovery effect.

5. Dried chrysanthemum flowers.

Many of you will be surprised at how to restore damaged facial skin with dried chamomile flowers, but this method will bring unexpected results! For those of you with thin facial skin, severely damaged, clearly visible blood vessels, … can use chrysanthemum to treat instead of using cosmetics. The ingredients in chamomile help clean dirt, exfoliate the skin, heal wounds, and have anti-oxidants. The method is very simple, you use dried chrysanthemum flowers to cook with hot water, let it cool and use that water to wash your face every day.

6. Masks of bittersweet .

Bitter melon is also one of the foods that are good for the skin. Therefore, it is also used as an effective way to restore damaged skin. Like tomato, green tea, aloe vera, … you can puree bitter melon and make a face mask. Bitter melon helps facial skin reduce allergies, exfoliate, remove acne, hidden acne, … Skin will be white and smooth quickly.

7. Sea salt.

Sea salt contains many minerals such as Mg, Ca, … have good antiseptic properties, effectively exfoliate dead skin cells. At the same time, sea salt also helps tighten pores, limiting the formation of acne. However, sea salt has a large size and hardness, so it is easy to scratch the skin. Therefore, you should dilute sea salt with water or other solutions when applying to the skin.

8. Sandalwood essential oil.

The ingredients contained in sandalwood essential oil have great effects
in nourishing healthy skin, restoring damaged skin quickly. In addition, this essential oil also helps smooth skin, erase dark spots, pigmentation, wrinkles, anti-aging.


9. Banana peel.

Banana peels contain many nutrients that help fight bacteria and effectively reduce inflammation. Therefore, when eating, do not throw away the banana peel, but puree it to make a mask for the skin. Your face skin will be bright white and smooth up quickly.

10. Use cosmetics to help restore damaged skin.

In addition to the methods of using natural foods, you can also use creams to help restore damaged skin. You should prioritize choosing products with completely natural extracts for sensitive skin.

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