How to relieve back pain effectively at home.


   Solve back pain from deep inside by reducing inflammation, solving bone and joint damage and providing nutrition to nourish cartilage and strengthen joints. Let’s learn about those methods through the article below.

What to do to quickly relieve back pain is one of the concerns of most patients. Let’s take a look at the effective methods of curing joint pain, pain in the neck, back, and shoulders while helping to keep the spirit happy and reduce stress after a long tiring day at work.

* Reasonable, scientific diet.

Nutrition from natural foods is the best way to fight inflammation, antibacterial, and reduce back pain effectively. People with chronic low back pain should immediately add foods that are beneficial for bones and joints.

Seafood and sea fish such as shrimp, crab, crab, salmon, tuna, mackerel, herring… With a lot of omega 3 fats to help strengthen bones, help relieve pain quickly, spine quickly recover more recovered.

Vegetables and fruits contain many nutrients that are beneficial to human health, helping to effectively treat osteoarthritis. Especially vegetables such as tomatoes, avocados, papayas, bell peppers, avocados, grapes, kiwis, cucumbers… Contains a lot of vitamin K to improve musculoskeletal health, slow down the aging process of bones, make bones strong Tronger.

Another good vitamin for osteoarthritis patients is vitamin E, often found in nuts such as red beans, soybeans, black beans, lotus seeds, etc. Effective pain relief, detoxification, anti-inflammatory, prevent prevent bone aging.

Fruit juice is a drink that is used a lot because of the amount of vitamins, antioxidants, potassium and minerals that are good for bone development. A glass of fruit juice a day helps strengthen resistance, protect cartilage cells, preserve bones and joints, effectively reduce back pain for patients with chronic low back pain.

* Cure back pain with sports exercises.

Sports exercises not only help maintain a toned body but can also improve the condition of chronic low back pain.

For pregnant women who often suffer from back pain, gentle exercises can be done to effectively support the treatment of back pain, strengthen the pelvic muscles, back muscles, and ensure elasticity. good. You can apply exercises like walking or yoga.

For office workers who often sit a lot, which reduces blood supply in the back and lower back parts, causing you often shoulder pain, joint pain and back pain, practice Pilates exercises or use a lumbar spine belt. The use of this exercise is to improve and protect the lower back including the abdominal muscles, spine and ribs, practice regularly every day, helping to reduce low back pain very effectively.

Yoga is an extremely suitable practice for people with back pain, joint pain. You can take yoga classes or buy your own tapes to study at home. Choose exercises that are suitable for your body and then practice with a steady intensity, maintain regularly. After exercising, remember to drink plenty of water to prevent muscle and joint pain. Drinking lots of water helps limit the secretion of lactic acid in the body that causes pain.

* How to cure back pain with natural herbs.

* Cure with small leaf clover – A famous medicine for osteoarthritis.

Dried Panax ginseng root or Panax ginseng root powder contains many trace elements, B vitamins, more than 20 types of blood-active amino acids, which are very good for treating back pain quickly and effectively.

* Drink steamed papaya with white wine or apply hot green papaya.

It will provide active ingredients papain to help clear the meridians, suitable for people with spine problems, joint pain and pain. Hardly perform 3 times a week, you will see the back gradually lighter, the feeling of pain is reduced.

A decoction of loofah seeds or drinking a decoction of loofah root, loofah and herbs 3 times a day helps to have anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving properties.

* Other methods are used to relieve low back pain.

Daily back massage or acupuncture helps relieve pain, numbness and joint pain.

Sleeping in the right position helps reduce pressure on the spine, helps the back to relax and the feeling of fatigue will gradually disappear.

Change living and working habits: work moderately, do not carry heavy objects, sit upright when working, do not sit or stand for too long…

Eat healthy foods and enhance bone flexibility and minimize red meat, hot spicy, greasy foods and absolutely stay away from alcohol, stimulants… These dishes can make the disease more persistent and difficult to heal, cause itching due to allergies, adversely affect arthritis, bones.

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