How to prevent amblyopia in children.


     Amblyopia not only brings many problems to children in life and learning process, but also causes many serious consequences for vision later on. Therefore, mastering the ways to prevent amblyopia for children is something you should do.

Learn about how to prevent amblyopia through the article below.

* What is the downside?

Our eyes see things because the image reflected from the object after passing through the cornea and lens will be focused on the retina. Here, receptor cells convert light signals into nerve signals and transmit them to the brain through the optic nervous system to create images. From there, our eyes can see things clearly.

However, when the eye has amblyopia, vision will decrease. This is a condition when the vision in one or both eyes is reduced because the brain does not recognize the images that the eye is sending, causing the brain to increase activity with only one eye.

Amblyopia includes functional amblyopia and physical amblyopia. With functional amblyopia, visual acuity can improve after a period of treatment and rehabilitation, but with amblyopia, the eyes will not be able to fully recover.

* Amblyopia in children.

Normally, the visual transmission path from the eyes to the brain of the child will gradually form and complete. However, for some reason, the visual development of the two eyes is hindered or there is an abnormal interaction between the eyes, leading to the interruption of the completion of the visual pathway, thereby causing amblyopia in the eyes. children. It currently accounts for about 3% of children under 6 years of age.

After the age of 7, the child’s brain and optic nerve have stabilized, so all remedies after this time are often less effective. Therefore, amblyopia in children needs to be detected early to have timely intervention measures to avoid complications later.

* How to prevent amblyopia in children.

Parents should guide children in the correct sitting posture to study from an early age to avoid amblyopia such as sitting upright, eyes 30cm from the face of the letter; The classroom is well-lit, the height of the tables and chairs is in accordance with the standards for each grade level, and the lights are on the opposite side of the pen handle.

According to experts, mothers should not let their children watch TV or play games for more than two hours continuously. Blue light from these devices can cause and worsen eye diseases. In addition, mothers should not let children read books on the train, when lying on their back or in a dimly lit place.

* Build a reasonable diet.

Ensure your child’s eyesight develops to the maximum by providing good food for the eyes every day. Accordingly, children should eat a lot of green vegetables, fruits, foods rich in vitamins A, E, omega-3 …

* Regular eye exams.

Parents should take their children to have regular eye exams twice a year to detect eye diseases early for timely treatment.

* Good exercises for eyes with amblyopia.

Mothers can refer to the following eye exercises to overcome amblyopia in children.

– Cover your eyes: Cover one eye with your hand, try to focus and see clearly everything around and describe them. Do this exercise every day for 6 months to 1 year, the condition of amblyopia will be significantly improved.

– Focus: Cover one eye to see better with the palm of your hand. Bring the index finger of the other hand out in front of your eyes and then slowly move it away. Focus on the near-to-distant movement of the finger for a while. Rest for 5 minutes and repeat this action again. Do the exercise 3 times a day on a regular basis, the condition of amblyopia will be improved.

Vision therapy: This physical therapy works to increase the efficiency of the eyes as well as the brain. Vision therapy can treat vision problems such as amblyopia, strabismus, nearsightedness, and weak eye muscles.

Above are the knowledge that mothers need to know about amblyopia in children. Amblyopia in children can have serious consequences if not corrected in time. Therefore, do not be subjective about this situation.

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