How to lower blood sugar for pregnant women through diet.


      During pregnancy, mothers need to pay attention to nutrition and exercise. Especially those who have gestational diabetes, need to know the ways to lower blood sugar for pregnant women below.

In some unfortunate cases, mothers with gestational diabetes will face problems that can negatively affect the health of themselves as well as the fetus. These problems are high blood pressure or pyelonephritis, pregnancy complications, infection problems, or worse, postpartum infections, mastitis… Besides, gestational diabetes can also increase increase the risk of rupture of membranes and premature birth by 10 times compared to normal pregnant women.

Therefore, in addition to paying attention to exercise to maintain health, pregnant women with gestational diabetes or those with higher-than-normal blood sugar need to pay special attention to nutrition. The nutritional foods synthesized in the article are evaluated by nutritionists as very good for pregnant women with gestational diabetes.

1. Sweet potato .

Sweet potatoes have the effect of lowering blood sugar and controlling blood sugar. Besides, eating sweet potatoes also helps pregnant women laxative, minimizing the risk of pregnancy constipation.

2. How to lower blood sugar for pregnant women with purple onion.

Inside the purple onion, there are many natural chemicals that are highly effective in lowering blood sugar, reducing blood fat, anti-inflammatory, anti-asthmatic… Purple onions can be eaten raw or processed into dishes. different diversity.

3. Seaweed.

The content of vitamins, protein, carotene… in seaweed is relatively rich. Especially seaweed contains very little sugar, so it has the effect of lowering blood sugar, reducing blood sugar. Seaweed can also be processed into a variety of vegetarian and savory dishes. In addition, seaweed cooking soup is very good for the health of pregnant women.

4. How to lower blood sugar for pregnant women with wood ear.

Wood ear has a lot of polysaccharides with the effect of lowering blood sugar. Moreover, the content of protein, carotene, vitamins, iron, sodium, potassium, calcium and other minerals in the wood ear is also relatively high, so it not only helps to reduce blood sugar but also helps the body absorb it. Other nutrients are better.

5. Bitter gourd.

Bitter gourd, also known as bitter melon, is one of the vegetables that help lower blood sugar effectively. According to nutritionists, bitter melon (many areas are washed with bitter melon) is very valuable in the treatment of diabetes. Fresh bitter melon can be used to prepare dishes or dried to drink tea. However, pregnant women should not eat too much bitter gourd because of its welding properties.

Patients with hypoglycemia must regularly check and monitor blood sugar levels with a blood glucose meter. Measurement results help you apply a way to lower blood sugar for pregnant women by eating or treating with drugs as directed by your doctor more effectively, preventing the rise or fall of blood sugar.

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