How to lose weight with black beans.


      The way to lose weight with black beans is certainly not a strange method for many women. However, how to lose 4 kg within 1 month safely and scientifically, not everyone knows.


* Weight loss effect of black beans.

Black beans are nuts that contain a lot of protein as well as fiber, without soluble fat. Therefore, using this nut in many different ways will help users reduce hunger and cravings, resulting in weight loss.

Besides, black beans also contain many other nutritional ingredients that have a very good weight loss effect such as vitamins A, B, C, PP, lipids, mineral salts, protein. As a result, black beans will promote the release of excess fat as well as detoxify the body to help lose weight effectively.

* Processing .

* Black bean tea.

Step 1: Choose large, mushy black beans to ensure delicious and nutritious water quality. Remove the seeds that are deep, damaged so as not to affect the taste and color of the tea after cooking.

Step 2: Turn on the stove, keep the heat low until the pan starts to heat, then add the black beans to roast. When roasting, you must stir constantly so that the beans do not burn.

Step 3: Roast until the beans are cooked, then pour the beans into a bowl, let them cool and then put them in an airtight container to use gradually.

Step 4: Put the roasted black beans in a pot of boiling water for about 10 minutes and then boil until the tea is soft. You should use pure black bean tea, not with sugar to achieve the best weight loss effect.

* Roasted black bean juice:

Cook for about 15 minutes, then turn off the heat and let it cool. Filter the water and the pulp separately. Squeeze the roasted black bean juice to drink.

You should not put too many beans in too little water because it will make the bean juice thick, difficult to drink and the weight loss effect is not high. You should use black bean water regularly and add filtered water to provide enough for your body 1.5 – 2 liters of water per day.

* Black bean porridge.

Black bean porridge brings weight loss effect thanks to the combination with brown rice. The recipe for making black bean porridge has a 1:1 ratio (1 bowl of black beans, 1 bowl of brown rice). You wash these two ingredients and then put them in a pot, pour filtered water, put on the stove to simmer.

In the process of eating black bean porridge to lose weight, you should completely cut out the amount of starch in the first 3 days because there is brown rice. Accordingly, you will eat each meal a bowl of brown rice black bean porridge instead of rice and add green vegetables, fresh fruits, unsweetened juice to maintain energy for an active day.

* Note :

To lose weight safely with black beans, you need to keep a few basic things in mind:

– Do not use teas and beverages from black beans in the evening because it can make you lose sleep.

– Can use a combination of cold black bean water and hot black bean water, this does not affect the weight loss effect.

– Should not abuse drinking water / black bean tea continuously, but should add regular filtered water to ensure nutritional balance for the body.

– Do not use sugar when processing tea, tea from black beans because sugar is the cause of fat while your purpose is to use black beans to lose fat.

If you want to quickly get to your ideal weight and sexy body, combine eating with professional exercises.

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