How to cure allergic urticaria at home.


       Allergic urticaria is a chronic skin disease that persists and recurs frequently. Therefore, if you are unfortunate enough to have this condition, you need to be equipped with the most effective way to treat allergic urticaria.

How to treat allergic urticaria at home with folk tips from natural ingredients is a safe and effective way to treat urticaria that is preferred by many people.

The cause of allergic urticaria urticaria can originate from within the body or from external factors in the environment, food. To be able to prevent and cure the disease completely, you need to identify the cause so that appropriate measures can be taken.

First, you need to clearly determine if you have an allergy to scarlet fever caused by environmental agents such as dust, pollen, insects or a certain food allergy, … or not? Identifying allergens will help you prevent effectively by limiting exposure to those agents.

1. Use herbal tea to treat urticaria at home.

Drinking tea is a safe and long-lasting way to treat allergic urticaria. The type of herbal tea that you can choose to treat urticaria is licorice tea, green tea or ginger tea. Each tea has its own features, but in general, they all help you get rid of itchy papules on the skin, inhibiting the intense itching on the skin caused by urticaria.

2. How to treat hives at home with cold towels.

When you start to have an itchy rash or large edematous papules all over the body, you can use cold towels to overcome.

You use a cotton towel dipped in cold water then squeeze out the water and then gently apply on the itchy patches or red spots. After half an hour, the unpleasant symptoms of urticaria will subside.

3. Treatment of urticaria at home with gotu kola.

Gotu kola is known for many uses, many people use it to cool down. But the use of gotu kola is not only that, this vegetable is a good medicine, a precious medicine that is used regularly to stop bleeding, detoxify the body, reduce inflammation and treat urticaria symptoms, allergy.

How to cure allergic urticaria with gotu kola and effectively fly away urticaria every day, use 50g of gotu kola to cook soup or wash and squeeze to drink water. After a period of using gotu kola, not only will the urticaria quickly disappear, but your skin will also become brighter.

4. Starfruit leaves treat urticaria.

In folklore there are many herbs that you can use to treat urticaria. And star fruit is also a familiar herb used to treat urticaria. This leaf has the effect of treating heat, detoxifying on the skin quickly and treating urticaria very well.

Method: Take a handful of sweet star fruit leaves, wash them with water and dry them on a hot pan. Stir well until the leaves are hot. When they start to wilt, turn off the heat, grab the leaves and rub them all over the itchy spots. Do this until this symptom subsides.

5. How to treat urticaria at home with oatmeal.

How to cure allergic urticaria with oatmeal. Using oatmeal will help cool the skin and treat itching. Put the powder in a small bowl, add water and beat it and apply it on the itchy areas. If you have an itchy rash all over your body, add oatmeal to your bath and soak for 10 minutes. The nutrients of oatmeal will protect your skin from drying out,

6. How to cure urticaria with aloe vera at home safely.

How to cure allergic urticaria with aloe plant. If you don’t have fresh aloe, you can substitute it with pure aloe vera gel sold at drugstores. If you have urticaria, the itchy spots may peel off due to the skin being too dry, if you see this phenomenon, take the juice of the aloe leaf and apply it on the surface of the skin with the urticaria. Thanks to aloe vera, the itchy patches do not spread strongly to other areas.

In addition to containing humectants, aloe vera gel also has many chemical components that reduce itching, heal skin damage and reduce rashes.

The 6 ways to treat allergic urticaria above are only for reference, but if you want to treat the root, you should see a dermatologist to know the cause and treat it promptly.

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