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House Flipper Room Requirements (with Pictures)

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House Flipper is a unique chance to become a one-man renovation crew. Buy, repair and remodel devastated houses. Give them a second life and sell them at a profit!

House Flipper Room Requirements

Room Requirements for House Flipper. Right now this guide is mainly for furniture needed. Max Size dimensions for a few rooms have been added, but unless asked for it’s not a priority for me to add them.

Note: The name of a room doesn’t always change immediately after placing components. You may need to leave the room and re-enter for the new name to be displayed.

house flipper room requirements

Also, a note on the max sizes I have listed. I have put the dimensions that work (i.e. 16×5 tiles) and the interior tile limit (i.e. 80 tiles). The former is for if you want to know what the dimensions for a rectangular room are, and the latter is for if you want to be able to have the room be a weird shape and also know the limit to the room tiles you can use.

One Item Rooms

Bedroom Requirements:

  • Bed
house flipper room requirements 1
Bedroom Requirements

Toilet Requirements:

  • Toilet
house flipper room requirements 2
Toilet Requirements

Closet Requirements:

Max Size: Interior of 192 tiles. 16×12.

  • Linen Closet OR Wardrobe
house flipper room requirements 3
Closet Requirements

Storeroom Requirements:

  • Garage Shelf OR Metal Garage Shelf
house flipper room requirements 4
Storeroom Requirements

Two Item Rooms

Bathroom Requirements:

  • Toilet, Bathtub, or Shower
  • Bathroom Sink
house flipper room requirements 5
Bathroom Requirements

Living Room Requirements:

  • Sofa
  • Coffee Table or Table
house flipper room requirements 6
Living Room Requirements

Kitchen Requirements:

  • Kitchen Sink
  • Refridgerator

Note: Size of the room can turn a Kitchen into a Small Kitchen or a Large Kitchen.

house flipper room requirements 7
Kitchen Requirements

Laundry Room Requirements:

  • Washer
  • Garage Shelf or Metal Garage Shelf or Sink
house flipper laundry room requirements
Laundry Room Requirements

Psychomanteum Requirements:

Max Size: Interior of 80 tiles. Dimensions that work are 4×20, 5×16, and 8×10.

  • Chair
  • Mirror
house flipper psychomanteum requirements
Psychomanteum Requirements

Multifunctional Room Requirements:

  • Bed
  • Kitchen sink
house flipper ultifunctional room requirements
Multifunctional Room Requirements

Four Item Rooms

Living Room with Kitchenette Requirements:

Fulfill the living room and kitchen requirements in the same room. It is important that the two elements are not seperated by an unbroken line of walls and/or lintels.

house flipper ultifunctional room requirements 1
Living Room with Kitchenette Requirements

Home Library Requirements:

Max Size: Interior of 400 tiles, which would be either 16×25 tiles or 20×20 tiles

  • Chair
  • Table (Any type, including bedside tables) OR Desk
  • 2x Hanging Shelf OR 2x Bookcase
house flipper ultifunctional room requirements 2
Home Library Requirements

Sauna Requirements:

  • Sauna Heater
  • Sauna Corner Bench
  • 2x Sauna Bench
house flipper ultifunctional room requirements 3
Sauna Requirements

Five Item Rooms

Dining Room Requirements:

  • Table
  • 4x Chair
house flipper ultifunctional room requirements 4
Dining Room Requirements

Home Cinema Requirements:

  • TV
  • Sofa OR Armchair
  • Coffee Table OR Table
  • 2x Speakers
house flipper home cinema requirements
Home Cinema Requirements

Office Requirements:

  • Monitor
  • Bookcase OR Office Bookshelf
  • Office chair
  • Carpet
  • Desk
house flipper office requirements
Office Requirements

Children’s Room Requirements:

  • Bed or Crib
  • Chest of Drawers or Wardrobe or Changing Table
  • Shelf or Bookcase
  • 2x Toy or 1x Toy and Carpet
house flipper childrens room requirements
Children’s Room Requirements

Seven Item Rooms

Family Room Requirements:

  • Sofa
  • Coffee Table
  • TV
  • Carpet
  • Toy
  • Bookcase OR Picture
  • Kitchen Cupboard OR TV Cabinet
house flipper family room requirements
Family Room Requirements

Preset Rooms

  • Garage
  • Bunker

Note: Placing furniture in these rooms which fulfill other room requirements does not change the room name, but potential buyers will react as though you’ve added another room. (i.e. I placed a bed in a garage and buyers reacted as though I’d added a bedroom)

house flipper preset rooms requirements
Preset Rooms Requirements

It’s end. I hope “House Flipper Room Requirements” helps you. Feel free to contribute the topic. If you have also comments or suggestions, comment us.

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