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Helltaker Azazel Character Guide

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Azazel is the sixth character encountered in Helltaker. Azazel differs from the rest of the cast by being an angel.

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Helltaker Azazel Character Guide

“Oh my heavens! What would a living human be doing in hell? Most unusual.”
Azazel, The Curious Angel


Azazel contrasts the demons in Hell by wearing a white, almost militaristic uniform, with yellow lining on her collar, sleeves, gloves, and down the middle of her shirt. As well, she wears a necklace under the collar of her uniform, which meets to hold a square cross with leaves protruding from under it. In the art book, it’s shown that she wears pants with a belt, and white boots with straps on the top, with typical silver lining on the straps.


Azazel is shown to be curious, as is her name, venturing down into hell by herself to collect information on Demons. She’s shown to typically be writing down notes, and is determined to do so, as in the epilogue, although seeming traumatized by her experiences in the demon harem, she still continues to take notes.


The player firsts encounters Azazel in Level Six. Upon interacting with her, she will exclaim how odd it is to find a living human in hell, and will ask what the player is doing here. This prompts the following two responses:

  1. “Looking for Demons.”
  2. “Looking for Angels.”

The first option is the correct response, and Azazel will reveal her intentions: the study of demons and sin, and will ask the player if they are studying too. Azazel then joins the player’s harem, most likely not knowing that she was entering the harem.

The second option will, instead of a Bad Ending screen, give the player the Heaventaker Achievement and ending.


  • In Mythology, Azazel is a fallen angel, typically cited as a scapegoat.
  • In concept art, Azazel is shown to have a more militaristic uniform, with a name tag, breast pockets, and epaulets. It appears that Azazel’s necklace is the last remnant of this concept, reminiscent of a German Iron Cross.
  • A theory states that Azazel could possibly be lesbian, or at the least, bisexual, this is due to the fact that in the final cut scene of Helltaker, she is shown to be staring at Judgement’s breasts. Her alias, the Curious Angel, also supports this, as people who do not know their sexuality are often called “curious,” or “questioning.”

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