Health benefits of drinking honey and green tea.


      Honey and green tea are precious medicines that are very beneficial for health. Especially when these two ingredients are combined, they will bring a lot of useful uses. Green tea with a little honey can reduce the risk of poisoning and colds, good for teeth, support effective diabetes control.

* Improve brain function.

Green tea and honey not only refresh your mind, but also help you improve brain function. Caffeine is one of the main ingredients in green tea. When combined with honey, it will increase the taste as well as vitamins that are good for brain health.

The presence of these two ingredients in green tea improves concentration because the nerve cells are better functioning. Green tea and honey can improve your brain’s reaction time and memory so it’s good for your brain health. Remember that green tea contains less caffeine than coffee, so combining honey with green tea will help stabilize your brain and improve concentration.

* Burn fat effectively.

Women are always looking for a safe, healthy, natural product that can help them cut those extra calories. The good news for you is that drinking green tea and honey can help you do just that. Green tea increases metabolism in the body, while honey reduces the number of calories entering the body. By combining the two, the fat burning efficiency has been increased by about 17%.

* Prevents the risk of cancer.

One of the key health benefits of drinking green tea and honey is that the combination creates a great antioxidant needed for good health. The proliferation of damaged cells in the body over a period of time if left unchecked can lead to cancer.

Green tea will help the body produce antioxidants, preventing the proliferation of damaged cells. In addition, drinking green tea regularly can not only prevent the effects of cancer but also reduce the symptoms of cancer.

* Improve oral health.

Most people worry about tooth decay and other dental problems. The active catechins found in green tea and honey are very effective in improving oral health, plaque and other oral problems caused by streptococcus mutans bacteria.

The active catechins in green tea when combined with honey can reduce the impact of harmful bacteria and help improve oral health. Honey green tea also fights bacteria and viruses in the mouth so it is very effective in curing bad breath. This is one of the health benefits of drinking green tea with honey.

* Good for bones.

Osteoporosis is a scary problem for most people. Especially for older women when bone health is increasingly declining. Drinking green tea with honey not only enhances the taste but is also very good for the bones, because at this time, the body will actively produce antioxidants and anti-inflammatory active substances, helping to better protect tissues. muscle and bone, increase bone density, strengthen bones, enhance calcium absorption in the body.

* Anti-aging, make beauty skin .

Drinking honey green tea regularly helps to detoxify and remove toxins from the body. Both honey and green tea are rich in skin-cleansing and anti-inflammatory antioxidants, leaving skin fresh and glowing.

* Beneficial for heart health.

Green tea and honey are both herbs that have the ability to stabilize your heart rate and help you maintain a healthy heart. According to a medical study, drinking at least 3 cups of green tea with honey per day can reduce the risk of cardiovascular death by nearly 75%.

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