Alternative Curatives

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Unlisted method of curing diseases, but generally list all of the methods to cure it.

Bleeding Wound

Drains health slowly, and will become infected if not bandaged soon enough

  • Leaf Bandage of any sort would close it, other upgraded bandage will do too
  • Banana Dressing

Laceration Wound

Faster health drain than normal bleeding, Will become infected after a short time

  • Leaf Bandage/Banana Dressing (small chance of leaving infection instead)
  • Ash Dressing
  • Honey Dressing
  • Jungle Ants: Placed on the wound

Infected Wound

Will reduce sanity, and cause fever if left too long

  • Maggots: Placed on the wound (do not eat)
  • Honey Dressing

Snake/Scorpion Venom

Will drain your health until the venom is removed, failiure to do so is guranteed to cause death

  • Tobbaco Leaves: Bandaged & Stewed (Bandage removes the venom and the wound over time, while stew removes only the venom, not the wound)
  • Plantain Lily (Heart leafed herb): Eaten, Bandaged, & Stewed
  • Painkiller


Constantly drains sanity until removed, will leave a bandageable wound that can get infected after removing the worm

  • Needles (Bone Needle, Fish Bone, Stingray Tail)
  • Sleep in elevated log/bamboo bed to avoid this


Will drain your fatigue rapidly, and makes every action harder to do as long as you have fever

  • Quasi Amara: Stewed (bug cause it to add fever instead)
  • A good rest at on good bed


Temporarily reduce your sanity as long as it is presist, but will heal naturally

  • Honey Dressing
  • Time

Food Poisoning

Will make you vomit whenever any of your nutrition and hydration is filled more than its half

  • Charcoal: Eaten
  • Water Lily Flower: Eaten, better if stewed
  • Painkiller


Parasites will increase your nutrition uses and can lead to death by starvation

  • Cup mushroom: Eaten, better if stewed
  • Umbrella mushroom: Eaten

Wildlife Conservation Handbook

Below are the list of the native wildlife within the amazon jungle. I will only list and explain all of the animal encountered within the game alongside with strategy on how you can find them.


Mammals are your best source of nutrient and can easily found anywhere within the game, importantly, their meat provides fats alongside with high protein

  • Mouse: Low quality meat; Often caught in small trap or manually if you have the time
  • Jaguar: Medium quality meat; Extremely dangerous, but can be one hit with a spear throw from a distance
  • Peccary: High quality meat; Best hunt by spear
  • Capybara: Highest quality meat; Best hunt by spear


Fish are very easy to hunt and fish traps often provided catches, but they do not provide fats when cooked

  • Aronawa: Medium quality meat: found on most ponds
  • Stingray: Medium quality meat: found only on the safe valley pond
  • Piranha: Low quality meat: found everywhere but safe valley pond, can be caught by fish trap
  • Peacock Bass: Low quality meat: found everywhere, can be caught by fish trap


  • Goliath Birdeater Tarantula (yes I know): low quality meat: Found on the jungle usually nearby giant trees, listen for crackling sound to know if it is near
  • Scorpion: High quality meat: Found inside caverns, and will make crackling sound similar to the tarantula
  • Wasps: Nest can be broken with stone or axes for honey, will give rash if you get too near
  • Rainforest Ants: You can try to carefully approach it to collect the ants, but getting too near will give you rashes. The ants itself cannot be eaten in any way and only used to close laceration wounds
  • Maggots: found on dead carcass and harvested from rotten meat, used to treat infections or as a fishing bait
  • Larva: found on dead tree stumps or rotten vegetatives, can be stewed, but mostly used as fishing bait
  • Worms: will inject itself to your body if you sleep in low quality bed, but can inject into you regardless on hard difficulty. You will need to use sharp needles to remove it and bandage the wound. Is mention by dev to actually be a botfly larva rather than actual worm.
  • Leech: will occasionally latch onto your body and you will have to remove it, annoying but not really that dangerous


  • Green Iguana: Medium quality meat: Can be caught on small traps, but you can run after it as it doesn’t move that much fast
  • Macaw: Medium quality meat: Mostly found dead lying on the ground but might be huntable using bow and arrow (not sure about the last part, but someone should definitely try different way to get the macaw, I suck at first person archery soo…)
  • Rattlesnake: Low quality meat, found on stationary position and will not move around other than rotating, throw your spear from close quarter, two rock throws seems to be enough too
  • Cane Toad: Low quality meat, found hopping around near rivers, can also be caught in small traps

Animal I haven’t discovered yet but mentioned in-game

  • Poison dart frog (pic on tutorial camp)
  • Armadillo (pic on tutorial camp)
  • Tapir (pic on tutorial camp)
  • Howler Monkey (pic on tutorial camp)
  • Caterpillar (pic on tutorial camp)
  • Crocodiles (seen on game trailer)


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