For healthy liver before sleeping.


     You must not eat too full, do not drink a lot of alcohol … because those habits make the liver work too hard when the body needs rest.

The liver is known as the quietest organ in the human body. When there is a problem with the liver, it is difficult for the patient to detect it in time. Therefore, doctors advise people to pay more attention to their lifestyle to protect the liver and prevent liver-related diseases.

* Things to note before going to bed:

* Do not overeat.

Nowadays, many people have the habit of eating late at night and then going to bed. Eating too much before going to bed, especially fatty foods, not only increases the burden on the liver, but also affects the health of the digestive tract. In addition, this habit also causes fat to accumulate in the liver.

* Do not drink alcohol.

Many people with sleep problems have heeded the advice of drinking alcohol to get a good night’s sleep. Although you will fall asleep quickly, the quality of sleep is not good.

The next day, you will feel irritable, tired, and have a headache. In the long term, your liver can be negatively impacted, leading to cirrhosis.

* Do not watch the phone .

Many people have the habit of using their phones before going to bed. They can be absorbed by online content, conversations for hours. This will affect sleep. Staying up late is especially bad for liver health.

* To promote liver health, you can do the following things in the morning:

– Drink a glass of water

Drinking a glass of water after waking up in the morning not only solves the problem of lack of water, but also helps the body excrete waste. This habit is great for liver health and easy to follow. You just need to drink warm water with a little honey, not cold water.

It is best to go to the toilet as soon as you wake up in the morning, helping the body eliminate toxins from the liver. If possible, people should get into the habit of defecating at a certain time every day.

– Don’t forget to have breakfast

If you regularly skip breakfast, bile cannot be excreted normally, easily forming gallstones. For the health of the body, no matter how tight time is, you must eat breakfast.

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