Food nutritionists do not choose to buy .


    Some seemingly nutritious foods like cereal bars, low-fat products, and no sugar are not as beneficial as you think.

Here are the products that nutritionists don’t usually eat. This list will make you look at your grocery shopping differently:

* Cereal bar .

Cereal bars are often said to be the right snack for people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle and lose weight. But nutritionists don’t think so.

Many cereal bars contain large amounts of sugar, salt, and saturated fat. Sometimes it makes no difference if you eat a candy bar or a cereal bar.

* Whole grain bread of major brands.

Whole wheat bread, made from finely ground grains, is considered one of the healthiest foods, because it’s rich in fiber and makes us feel fuller for longer.

However, store-bought whole-wheat bread often contains preservatives, added salt, and sugar.

* “low-fat” or “sugar-free” products.

The words “low fat” or “sugar-free” can become a buying trigger for people following the diet.

However, products that do not contain fat and sugar also become tasteless. As a result, manufacturers add fragrances that damage your diet and your health.

* Processed meat .

Processed meat contains additives that make it more appealing and help extend its shelf life. It’s bacon, sausage, canned meat, meatballs…

Nutritionists recommend that you make your own meat dishes to control the amount of fat in your body.

Rice cakes seem harmless because they are fat-free, sugar-free, and low-calorie. But nutritionists will never eat these cakes, because they are turned into sugar after entering your digestive system.

People who eat a lot are at risk of diabetes and rice cakes cannot be considered a healthy food.

* Canned fruit .

Many brands of canned fruit tend to use syrup as a preservative. The syrup can contain too much sugar and the nutritional value of the fruit is greatly reduced because of this.

* Refined pasta.

Most people prefer refined pasta, thinking that the wheat has been processed to keep the maximum amount of nutrients. However, this type of noodle is higher in calories and contains less fiber. That can make you hungry faster and stimulate more eating.

* Juice available for sale .

The trend of green detox water made from vegetables is very popular. But nutritionists are skeptical about their effects.

First, juice can interact with medications you’re taking. Second, juices sold in stores can contain large amounts of sugar, which is not good for health.

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