FF7 Remake The Mysterious Moogle Merchant Walkthrough

The Mysterious Moogle Merchant Objectives

  1. A child wearing a weird outfit is at the hideout. Talk to him
  2. Cloud meets Moggie, a moogle superfan who’s willing to trade items for moogle medals. Use moogle medals to become an official member of the Moogle Emporium
  3. Cloud is now an official card-carrying member of the shop. Collect more medals and trade them for items

The Mysterious Moogle Merchant Walkthrough

Once you have access to the kids’ den through the narrow gap opposite the shops (via the Kids on Patrol quest below), head on inside. Eventually, there’ll be a kid in a Moogle outfit. Talk to the kid and buy the Moogle Membership card with a Moogle Medal, which you should have several of through random drops by now. The reward is the ability to be able to spend your Moogle Medals at the Moogle Emporium, a useful shop that sells exclusive items.

The Mysterious Moogle Merchant Quest Reward

  • Moogle Membership Card
  • HP and MP restored

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